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The deadline to register to vote in the Local Elections 2018 is midnight on 17 April

Register of Electors 2018

  • ​The Register of Electors 2018 was published on 1 December 2017, and is valid until 30 November 2018
  • To vote in elections in the district, you must be registered. You should register if you move house or change other details such as your name
  • Registering is quick and easy and can be done online. If you need any help, you can contact us on 01924 305023

​Before you start

You will need:

  • Your national insurance number (if you have one)
  • Your date of birth

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​Why you should register to vote

  • If your name is not on the register you will not be able to vote
  • So that you can have a say in issues that affect you
  • If you are not on the register you might be refused a loan, mobile phone contract or even be turned down for a bank account

Who can register?

  • Anyone aged 16 or over (but you cannot vote until you are 18)
  • British or qualifying Commonwealth citizens. This means Commonwealth citizens who have leave to remain in the UK or do not need such leave
  • Citizens of the Republic of Ireland or other European Union (EU) member states​​

Contact us

Electoral Services Office

County Hall

01924 305023