The full Council Tax bill is based on the assumption that two adults are living in a property. However, there are certain groups of people who are not counted when considering the number of adults, and where a discount can apply.

Do you qualify for a reduction?

Download a list of all available discounts and how you qualify for them.

How to apply

Applications for a discount should be made by the person responsible for paying Council Tax on the appropriate form below.

Application forms

How long does the discount last?

If a discount is granted, it will last as long as the qualifying criteria is met. If your situation changes that could affect your entitlement to the discount, you must contact us within 21 days.

In all cases where a time-limited discount applies, a bill will be issued that shows the discount period from the date it starts until the end of the current financial year. A change will be made when the discount expires (or circumstances change), and a bill issued for the rest of the financial year.