Short Walking routes


Short Walks

These are short - approximately half hour - walks originally designed to get people who work out from behind their desks.

If you are looking for ideas of where to go walking in Wakefield, we offer a number of walking routes around the district to help you get active. Whether you want a walk at lunchtime or a longer leisure route, then here are a few inspirational ideas.

01-map-pinderfields-hospital-to-newton-hill.pdf Map 1 Pinderfields Hospital to Newton Hill - 2.4km/1.5miles 20/5/2019
02-map-circular-walk-from-kirkgate-train-station.pdf Map 2 Circular Walk from Kirkgate Train Station - 2.4km/1.5miles 20/5/2019
03-map-new-southgate-surgery-to-newton-hill.pdf Map 3 New Southgate Surgery to Newton Hill - 3.2km/2miles 20/5/2019
04-map-st-swithuns-to-broadreach-lock-eastmoor.pdf Map 4 St Swithuns to Broadreach Lock Eastmoor - 3km/1.9miles 20/5/2019
05-map-st-swithuns-eastmoor-to-kirkthorpe.pdf Map 5 St Swithuns Eastmoor to Kirkthorpe - 5.3km/3.3miles 20/5/2019
06-map-st-georges-centre-lupset-to-airedale-heights.pdf Map 6 St George’s Centre Lupset to Airedale Heights - 1.9km/1.2miles 21/5/2019
07-map-st-georges-centre-lupset-to-the-lupset-pub.pdf Map 7 St George’s Centre Lupset to the Lupset Pub - 1.9km/1.2miles 21/5/2019
08-map-the-stanley-ferry-pub-to-park-hill.pdf Map 8 The Stanley Ferry Pub to Park Hill - 3.2km/2miles 21/5/2019
09-map-the-stanley-ferry-pub-to-the-southern-washlands-reserve.pdf Map 9 The Stanley Ferry Pub to the Southern Washlands Reserve - 4.6km/2.9miles 21/5/2019
10-map-stanley-ferry-pub-to-stanley-marsh-nature-reserve.pdf Map 10 The Stanley Ferry Pub to Stanley Marsh Nature Reserve - 3.8km/2.4miles 20/5/2019
11-map-newton-bar-depot-to-wrenthorpe-park.pdf Map 11 Newton Bar Depot to Wrenthorpe Park - 2.7km/1.7miles 20/5/2019
12-map-pugneys-country-park-sandal-castle.pdf Map 12 Pugneys Country Park and Sandal Castle - 4km/2.5miles 20/5/2019
13-map-circular-walk-gawthorpe.pdf Map 13 Circular Walk Gawthorpe - 3.5km/2.2miles 20/5/2019
14-map-ossett-town-centre-to-pildacre-hill.pdf Map 14 Ossett Town Centre to Pildacre Hill - 2.8km/1.8miles 20/5/2019
15-map-ossett-town-centre-circular-to-healey-old-mills.pdf Map 15 Ossett Town Centre Circular to Healey Old Mills - 4.4km/2.7miles 20/5/2019
16-map-ossett-town-centre-to-spring-mill.pdf Map 16 Ossett Town Centre to Spring Mill - 2.5km/1.6miles 20/5/2019
17-map-shay-lane-walton-to-haw-park-bridge.pdf Map 17 Shay Lane Walton to Haw Park Bridge - 4.6km/2.9miles 20/5/2019
18-map-circular-walk-walton-via-the-balk.pdf Map 18 Circular Walk Walton via the Balk - 2.4km/1.5miles 20/5/2019
19-map-cirular-walk-walton-via-walton-colliery-nature-park.pdf Map 19 Circular Walk Walton via Walton Colliery Nature Park - 3.5km/2.2 miles 20/5/2019
20-map-crofton-circular-walk-community-centre-to-anglers-country-park.pdf Map 20 Crofton Circular Walk from Community Centre to Anglers Country Park - 4km/2.5miles 20/5/2019
21-map-crofton-circular-walk-from-community-centre-to-windmill-hill-foulby.pdf Map 21 Crofton Circular Walk from Community Centre to Windmill Hill and Foulby - 3.8km/2.4miles 20/5/2019
22-map-crofton-circular-walk-from-community-centre-to-foulby.pdf Map 22 Crofton Circular Walk from Community Centre to Foulby - 2.8km/1.8miles 20/5/2019
23-map-featherstone-library-to-sports-field.pdf Map 23 Featherstone Library to Sports Field - 2km/1.25miles 20/5/2019
24-map-featherstone-library-to-the-old-town-hall.pdf Map 24 Featherstone Library to the Old Town Hall - 1.6km/1mile 20/5/2019
25-map-featherstone-circular-walk-from-the-library.pdf Map 25 Featherstone Circular Walk from the Library - 3.2km/2miles 20/5/2019
26-map-featherstone-library-to-purston-park.pdf Map 26 Featherstone Library to Purston Park - 2.4km/1.5miles 20/5/2019
27-map-featherstone-purston-park-to-castle-syke-hill.pdf Map 27 Featherstone Purston Park to Castle Syke Hill - 4.5km/2.8miles 20/5/2019
28-map-airedale-circular-walk-from-the-square-via-well-wood.pdf Map 28 Airedale Circular Walk from the Square via Well Wood - 4.2km/2.6miles 20/5/2019
30-map-airedale-health-centre-to-gallows Hill.pdf Map 30 Airedale Health Centre to Gallows Hill - 2.1km/1.3miles 20/5/2019
32-map-ferrybridge-medical-centre-to-brotherton-church.pdf Map 32 Ferrybridge Medical Centre to Brotherton Church - 3.8km/2.4miles 20/5/2019
33-map-ferrybridge-community-centre-around-brotherton-marshes.pdf Map 33 Ferrybridge Community Centre around Brotherton Marshes - 4.8km/3miles 20/5/2019
34-map-upton-circular-walk-via-north-elmsall-hall-farm.pdf Map 34 Upton Circular Walk via North Elmsall Hall Farm - 3km/1.9miles 20/5/2019
35-map-upton-circular-walk-on-the-site-of-upton-colliery.pdf Map 35 Upton Circular Walk on the site of Upton Colliery - 2.3km/1.4miles 20/5/2019
36-map-upton-circular-walk-via-north-elmsall-church.pdf Map 36 Upton circular walk via North Elmsall Church - 4km/2.5miles 20/5/2019

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