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We are producing a series of recorded audio guides of trails and walks around parks and making them available to download for free onto an electronic device, usually a smartphone. The recordings are called podcasts and they provide people with a personal guide on their phone or other electronic device as they enjoy some of the district's best-loved countryside.

The podcasts include commentary from the Countryside and Interpretation team who have detailed knowledge of the district's natural attractions.
Podcasts are broken up into several exciting and knowledgeable chapters directing listeners when to pause and play whilst walking along the route, with photographs appearing on suitably equipped devies highlighting nearby wildlife, flora and fauna, historic buildings and much more.

These are fun and exciting opportunities to learn about the area, including the Waterton Trail which will include a closer look at how wildlife expert David Attenborough's hero, Charles Waterton, established the world first nature reserve, making it a must-see for nature lovers. This innovative podcast enhances visitors' experience by providing detailed commentary on one of Wakefield's beautiful landscapes – picking up on timeless history with a commemoration of a 100 year anniversary of Charles' death.

The podcasts are available to download from iTunes and can also be listened to via the Council's website.

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