Volunteering in Wakefield's green spaces

The Wakefield district has a unique range of public open spaces reflecting the area’s history, ranging from formal Victorian parks and gardens to reclaimed colliery sites that have become havens for wildlife, and from ancient woodland to newly planted community spaces.

We aim to encourage people to take a greater interest and play an active role in protecting and enhancing our greenspaces by working with us to improve these valued areas.

Volunteering in Wakefield’s parks, country parks, nature reserves and other greenspaces can have lots of benefits, including the opportunity to meet new people, becoming involved in projects and decisions that affect the places you care about, learning new skills and increasing confidence, or as a stepping stone to returning to work. There are also lots of health benefits to working in the outdoors.

Finding a volunteer group

Many volunteers already make a real difference to our greenspaces, bringing with them additional skills, knowledge and experience. Friends groups are made up of local people who all share a passion for a particular place, and who meet up regularly to improve that place. There are a wide variety of groups in the Wakefield area associated with many of our parks and nature reserves. Some meet every week, some monthly, and others might only meet occasionally. Here’s a List of Friends Groups that regularly meet up to volunteer.

Starting a new volunteer group

If there is a site that you would like to improve, but there is no existing friends group for that site, you might like to think about starting a new community group. Setting Up A Group aims to provide guidance on what to consider when setting up your own group. By following the guidelines set out in this booklet your group should be able to achieve your aims safely and effectively.

Volunteer practical tasks

All volunteering on our greenspaces must be done safely, and by working together with the Council. Some groups work with the Countryside Officers to do conservation work on sites. Where this is not possible, our Practical Tasks booklet guides groups of volunteers to lead their own practical tasks, and sets out the responsibilities and liabilities for volunteer practical tasks.

See practical tasks for the next 30 days

Who to contact?

Each friends group will have a particular contact within the Council. For nature reserves and countryside sites, this will be the Countryside Officer for that area.

For other parks and greenspaces, the contact will either be a Street Scene Engagement Officer or the Street Scene Supervisor for your local area.

You can find out who the contact will be by getting in touch with us on 01924 860280 or at 


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We have helped many community groups to get started. Existing groups will probably be more than willing to share their experiences with you.

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