Balanceability is the UK's first accredited 'learn to cycle' programme for children aged 2½ to 6 years old. The programme is a structured course available to schools, leisure centres and independent trainers. It is currently active in 400 sites across the UK with 94% of children aged 4 to 6 years old being able to safely ride a pedal bike at the end of the programme.

Balanceability combines unique ergonomic balance bikes with a schedule of fun activities that build confidence, spatial awareness and dynamic balance skills enabling young children to cycle without ever needing stabilisers.

A balance bike is a lightweight, pedal-less child's bike which facilitates balance and propulsion. Children run along whilst seated, push off the ground to create forward movement and use a combination of their feet- and hand-operated brake to slow down and stop safely.

In Wakefield, Balanceability is currently being delivered to foundation stage pupils in 14 schools and we hope to deliver Balanceability sessions in leisure centres and community settings in the future.

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Bikeability is today’s cycle training programme. It’s like cycling proficiency, but better! It’s about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads. Bikeability gives everyone the skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling.

There are three Bikeability levels, each designed to improve cycling skills, no matter what is known already. Levels 1, 2 and 3 take trainees from the basics of balance and control, all the way to planning and making an independent journey on busier roads.

Bikeability is available to all primary schools in the district for more details please contact

Bike Friendly Schools Initiative

At the moment, only 1 in a 100 primary school children cycle to school, compared to 1 in every 2 Danish kids. With the completion of the Cycle Superhighway, we’re encouraging and supporting families to try another way of getting to school – a fun, active and healthy choice, such as cycling or walking.

The initiative offers:

  • Installation of cycle storage on school grounds
  • Access to bikes for pupils
  • Cycle training for pupils
  • Training for school staff to help implement cycling activities in school

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