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Climbing Zone

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Will you be the fastest to the top? Or will you beat your friends on the interactive wall? With various challenges and designs, our climbing zone at Aspire @ The Park is the ultimate test of agility and courage.

All inspired by the addition of lead climbing, bouldering and speed climbing into the Olympics in Tokyo, our Climbing Zone brings a brand new, fun, social and highly inclusive experience - never before seen in the Wakefield district!


The perfect gateway into a world of climbing. Bouldering strips climbing back down to its raw essentials; nothing is needed other than yourself and a trusty pair of climbing shoes (Don’t worry - we have plenty if you don’t have your own).

This is a sport where problem-solving plays as crucial a part as physical strength and fitness meaning it is suitable for everyone. A test of your balance, technique strength and mental stamina is promised upon each visit.

Speed Climbing

Speed climbing is the 100m sprint of the climbing world. Compete against yourself and friends as you race up our walls to earn a spot on our leader board!

Whilst, not the official speed climbing wall that you’ll see in the Olympics and other official competitions, our Climbing Zone has an adaptation that’s an excellent starting point for anyone looking to test their skills.

Lead Climbing

Our Trublue Auto Belay devices remove the need to learn the technicality of belaying or top-roping and allow you to fully immerse yourself in your lead climbing experience.

Lead climbing is similar to bouldering, however, the walls are twice the size and therefore the routes are twice as long. Perfect for those looking for a harder challenge and to test their muscular endurance.

Due to the increased height, you will also be required to wear a safety harness that we provide so that you can be attached to our Auto-Belay devices.

Safety First

We take your safety seriously, which is why our briefing and safety rules include; proper fitting of the harness, instruction in the use of the carabiners, safety checks before, during and jumping down from your climb, and a demonstration of 'safe' climbing in the Zone.

Remember to wear comfortable clothes for climbing with plenty of mobility; please do not wear any hooded tops or jewellery.

Aspire Climb

During Aspire Climb sessions, Aspire Members will be allowed to use the climbing facilities for free as part of their membership. However during normal “Public Sessions”, members will be required to pay the standard rates shown below.


​Aspire Members
(Apire Climb sessions only)
​Shoe hire

Show hire mandatory unless you have your own climbing shoe.

Booking essential Sessions need to be booked.

Waiver needs signing and induction completed before first session.

To book your session, please visit your Aspire @ The Park facility or call the site on 01977 722188.