Water safety

Following the recent announcement from the government on COVID-19, our parks remain open for residents to enjoy open spaces but other amenities are closed until further notice.

For further information visit: http://bit.ly/CoronaWFD

There are many parks and countryside sites that have open water in Wakefield.

Part of enjoying the natural beauty of these areas is understanding the dangers of open water and knowing what to do in an emergency.

The majority of accidental drownings in open water happen to people that didn't mean to go into the water and were walking, running or cycling next to it.

You’ll notice that in the parks and countryside sites we manage there are water safety signs.

These have important information to help you stay safe, but also feature a reference code that the emergency services can use to find exactly where you are.

This helps them to be able to respond more quickly and save lives.

Simple advice to stay safe near open water

  • Look out for dangers
  • Follow safety signs and advice
  • Stay well away from the banks of the water
  • Learn swimming and lifesaving skills

If you see someone in danger:

  • Don't try to rescue people or pets by following them onto the water
  • Call for help - dial 999 and shout out to others nearby
  • If possible, provide the emergency services with the reference on the nearest water safety sign
  • Tell the person to stay calm
  • Try finding something that will extend your reach, such as a rope, pole or branch, to help pull the person out
  • If attempting to reach the person from the bank lie flat on the ground to avoid falling in yourself
  • Once the person has been rescued keep them warm. Take them to hospital even if they appear to be unaffected or wait for the emergency services to arrive if they have been called


When the snow and ice hit in winter, it can be tempting to walk on the frozen water, particularly for children and pets who are unaware of the dangers that lie below.

Winter water safety advice:

  • Stay off the ice
  • Follow safety signs and advice
  • Teach your children not to go out on the ice
  • Keep pets on leads when out for walks
  • If you see someone in danger follow the advice above

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