Southern Washlands Nature Corridor


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Less than one mile from the city centre, the Southern Washlands Nature Corridor comprises open water, swamp, marshy grassland, neutral grassland scrub and woodland over a series of four countryside sites.

The individual areas stretch from Stanley Ferry Flash in the North, through Parkhill and the Southern Washlands Nature Reserve, to Half Moon and the Ashfields in the South.


Facilities and activities

Free parking at Heath (see map above)
Free parking at Balk Avenue
Food served in pubs at both ends of the corridor


Nature conservation

The area is a good place to see interesting wildfowl, particularly winter visitors to the UK, such as Goldeneye, Greenshank and Green Sandpiper as they pass through during migration.

The spring and summer months are when the grassland comes alive with wildflowers, look out for butterflies and dragonflies and there are some lovely old Sweet Chestnut trees here which are well worth a visit in autumn.

Southern Washlands Nature Corridor  


If you are interested in local volunteering opportunities on this and other sites please get in touch.

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