Alverthorpe Meadows and Wrenthorpe Park


Important Information

​Following the recent announcement from the government on COVID-19, our parks remain open for residents to enjoy open spaces but other amenities are closed until further notice.

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​​​Located in the residential suburbs of north-west Wakefield, Alverthorpe Meadows and Wrenthorpe Park consists of grassland, woodland and ponds - a 'green oasis' to escape city life.


Facilities and activities

  • Free parking off Wrenthorpe Ln
  • Kids playground
  • Football pitch​
  • Surfaced paths through the park for walking and cycling
  • Footpaths pass through the informal fields of the meadows
  • Boardwalks and bridges over the ponds for wildlife spotting


Historical interest

In medieval times this area became part of the open farmland between Wakefield (to the east) and the "Outwood" (to the north-west). The ridge and furrow patterns in the south-west of the park show evidence of these fields.

By 1845 the fields had been enclosed by hedgerows so that animals could be kept inside. The oldest hedgerow trees on the site have horizontal trunks.

During the 19th century a railway line was built across the valley to link Wakefield and Dewsbury. This is no longer in use but the course is marked by a footpath and a cycle track.

Nature Conservation

The site has been designated as a local nature reserve.

The meadows contain a mix of wildflowers which are best seen in late spring to early summer. Keep an eye out for butterflies such as the Orange Tip.

Look above the grass and you may see a Sparrowhawk with its looping flight or a hovering Kestrel hunting. Listen out for a Tawny Owl or woodpecker.

The ponds attract the odd Kingfisher as well as Grey Heron, Coot and Mallard Duck.


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