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Following the recent announcement from the government on COVID-19, all Aspire Leisure Centres are closed until further notice. We will not charge members for any period our facilities are closed as a result of Covid-19 restrictions. A temporary freeze will be placed on all Aspire memberships.

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​​Pitch information

Find out if pitches are available during adverse weather conditions:
Weekly pitch decision.

Communication with leagues

League secretaries will be notified when pre-season friendly matches can begin. Teams should liaise with other teams using the same pitch. Your league secretary will tell your club about the league start date. Friendly matches will be allowed free of charge.

Wakefield Disability Sports Directory

This download details the disability sport and physical activity opportunities in the district

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  • Grass cutting
  • Spiking and rolling
  • Line marking
  • To use a different pitch


  • Litter
  • Difficulties parking
  • Untidy changing rooms
  • Unauthorised use of pitch
  • Poor pitch condition
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Playing pitch strategy 2010-2030

The Playing pitch strategy is an assessment of supply and demand for key pitch sports across the district, specifically: football, cricket, rugby league, rugby union and hockey and provides a framework for:

  • Making informed planning decisions
  • Targeting financial support and investment in facilities
  • Planning the delivery of sports development programmes

There are a number of sports pitches available for hire to play football and rugby at locations throughout the district.


Book a sports pitch

By completing this form you agree to the terms and conditions and agree to return the Direct Debit Form authorising payment of the appropriate fee (maximum 6 instalments September 2020 to January 2021). You also understand that by submitting this request you are jointly and severally liable for any default in payment.

Please ensure that your team is registered to play with your District League and you are aware of all your teams organisation contact names, addresses, and contact details.

You will need to tell us:

  • Which pitch you would like to use
  • The time and date you would like to use the pitch
  • The sport you would like to use the pitch for
  • Details of your team

If you wish to book a sports ptich,please fill in our online form, after which we will receive an application number. If you provide us with an email address an automated acknowledgment of your request will be sent to you

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​​Sports pitch enquiry

You will need to tell us:

  • The name of your sports team
  • Which sports pith you are enquiring about
  • The nature of your enquiry

If you wish to make a sports ptich enquiry,please fill in our online form, after which we will receive an application number. If you provide us with an email address an automated acknowledgment of your request will be sent to you.

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