What is MyZone and how does it work?

MyZone is an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately monitor your physical activity. Simply strap on the belt during a workout and it monitors your heart rate, calories burned and time exercising, converting these into MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) – so the focus is on effort rather than fitness, giving you a more accurate view of how effective your session has been. The belt is connected to an app so that you can stream your activity, upload your data, and review your results from your smart phone – either with or without a trainer. You’ll be able to monitor your activity calendar, workout graphs, and set challenges, as well as upload personal before and after photos.

When would you use MyZone?

On your own or with a friend - One of the great things about MyZone is that you can use it on your own for motivation (as well as to see how much effort you’re putting in). Or you can use it with a friend as the app allows you to set goals along with other users, so that you can encourage and monitor each other’s progress. The social accountability alone is enough to keep you on track and the possibility of earning badges and climbing status rankings also keeps you focused.

Working with a personal trainer - Using MyZone with a personal trainer is extremely useful as it allows your trainer to monitor your progress and effort even in sessions when they are not there. Information is streamed directly to your trainer, so they can access your information remotely when they need to.

The tracker is also very useful for your personal trainer as it allows them to track your effort levels over a long period of time, offering accurate data to compare against previous workouts and see how you are improving.

In a group exercise class – Hook up to the club system, allowing your information to be streamed onto a screen alongside other class members. This is extremely motivational as you are able to track your effort levels and heart rate throughout the class.

You can also use MyZone playing tennis or any other sport, to track your progress.

New MyZone classes at Sun Lane

7:15am​MyZone​ Burn
​45 mins
MyZone Unity​45 mins​
MyZone Unity​45 mins​

You can purchase MyZone wearable tech from all our Aspire facilities. £59.99 for Aspire members / £129.99 for non-member

For more information ask in facility or visit