FloatFit GROW [Junior]

FloatFit GROW is a programme which has been designed specifically for children. An action-packed class designed to motivate children to stay active.

  • Improve water confidence
  • Have fun
  • Make new friends
  • Aid Physical and Cognitive Development
  • The Par-Q attached must be completed by the parent prior to the class
  • Complete a quick swim test under conditions must be passed before you are able to take part
  • Arrive prompt on time and be prepared to complete the swim test prior to the class beginning
  • Juniors aged 8 years -15 years of age. Parents will need to remain in the building if their child is under 11, the Balcony will be available, socially distancing respected. Please wear a mask if you are able.

Floatfit HIIT [Adults]

FloatFit HIIT is a new, great fun group fitness craze performed on floating exercise mats in the pool.

  • You must be able to swim to take part
  • Participants must be comfortable with going under water as this may happen if you fall off the aqua board.  A level of upper body strength is also required to climb back on the board if this does occur.
  • Wear whatever you are comfortable in swimwear or T-shirt and shorts
Download the FLOATFIT flyer