Admissions Policy

The following policy operates for your safety and enjoyment in our venues. The policy is based on national guidance ensuring best practice, whilst also adhering to Health and Safety requirements and legislation.

Our aim is to ensure that all customers visiting Sport and Health Improvement sites and facilities have an enjoyable experience. To do this you are required to respect our staff, property and buildings, as well as other customers and their belongings.

We will provide suitable and sufficient number of qualified staff to supervise sessions and provide statutory and best practice ratios of Lifeguards to oversee pool safety.  We will ensure that there is a qualified first aider on site at all times, however these qualified staff do not supervise behaviour in communal areas and cannot leave site to deal with emergencies that happen outside our facilities.

  1. Access to the sites by Children

  2. General Site Rules

  3. Clothing

  4. Aspire Gym and Class Studios

  5. Booking Information

  6. Swimming Pool Admissions

  7. General Swimming Pool Information

  8. Clubs and Organisations

  9. Wakefield Golf Course

  10. Other Information

1. Access to the sites by Children

All children under the age of 11 years must be accompanied on all sites at all times. Please note, it is the parent / carer's / responsible person (16 years and over) responsibility to judge whether it is appropriate to allow their unaccompanied child(ren) 11 years and older to visit a leisure facility, as our staff are not available to supervise in general areas such as changing rooms and toilets. (Please see the Clubs and Organisations Section for further information)

Children 8 years and over that are competent swimmers may enter the swimming pool without a parent/ carer or a responsible person (16 years and over), however parents or carers and a responsible person must be available to supervise in changing areas and also remain in the building for the duration of their water time.  For further information on swimming pool access and ratios see section 6

Children over the age of 8 should get changed within their "same sex" changing area.Children aged under 8 years may enter an ''opposite sex'' changing room where there is no other responsible person (16 years and over) to take the child into a ''same sex'' changing room. Individual cubicles (where possible) should be used. Please speak to our reception team regarding Family Changing room access.

Children11 to 15 years who have received an induction can access the Gym if accompanied and supervised by a responsible person 16 years and over.

Children 11 to 15 years are able to use all aspects of the Gym facilities (cardio, free weights, fixed resistance and functional training equipment) as long as they are able to accept and follow directions. Use of fixed resistance equipment is dependent on height. Where height restrictions apply an alternative exercise can be prescribed by a Fitness Consultant.

Programmed Junior Gym sessions are specifically for children aged 11 to 15 years. Children are not required to have a responsible person (16 years and over) to supervise them as the session is led by a qualified member of staff. All children attending their first session will be required to undertake an induction.

Children 11 to 15 years can access the recommended main stream fitness classes if accompanied and supervised by a responsible person 16 years or over.

Programmed junior fitness classes are fully supervised by a trained member of staff and can be accessed by children11 to 15 years without the requirement of a responsible adult.

No young person under the age of 11 is permitted to use the Gym equipment or attend a fitness class-unless the class has been specifically designed and advertised as suitable for this age group. Children's muscles and bones are still developing at this age and it is not recommended for them to take part in this type of physical activity. The majority of equipment provided within Aspire Gyms is designed for an adult body and may put undue stresses and strains on a child's frame. Further advice and suitable activities for young children can be obtained from individual sites Fitness Consultants and Activator teams. 

2. General Site Rules

Sport and Health Improvement facilities must not be used for coaching / instructing (whether paid or unpaid) without prior approval from the Management Team. Where approved the use will be subject to the club bookings section 8.

The use of any equipment capable of recording still or moving images is strictly prohibited without prior permission of the site Management Team. This includes taking photographs of your own children.

Any person's behaviour that is deemed inappropriate by a member of staff will be asked to leave the facility. Any incidents of this nature should be reported to a member of staff and serious incidents will be reported to the police. Inappropriate behaviour may also result in being permanently excluded from all Sport and Health Improvement sites.

Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated in Sport and Health Improvement sites.

Our aim is to promote healthy lifestyles so persons who appear to be under the influence of drink or drugs will not be allowed into our venues and smoking is not permitted in Sport and Health Improvement Facilities.

Guide, hearing and assistant dogs are welcome in dry side areas of Sport and Health Improvement facilities.

Carers who are required to physically help and support their Service User(s) are not charged any admission fee but are required to be logged in at reception via the till system.  Carers must stay with Service Users through the duration of a visit and should not leave a client unattended.

A Personal Emergency Egress Plan (PEEP) should be written for Service Users with a disability before accessing Sport and Health Improvement sites. Please see the reception team for further information. This plan will be vital for the safety of the user, carer and other customers should an emergency evacuation have to take place of all or part of the facility.

A range of equipment is provided across our sites (not all equipment is available at all sites) to support people with a range of disabilities to change and also access the swimming pool areas.  This equipment is safety checked, however it is the responsibility of the carer to understand how to support the individual within the aid/ hoist, and use the equipment safely.

Where electronic pool pods or lifts are provided for water access the carer or individual should advise reception that this will be required so the responsible staff member can be on hand to operate the equipment. 

Should you require specialist changing rooms please speak to our reception teams regarding Family Changing access, and/ or information on what facilities are available at any of our sites. 

3. Clothing

For your own safety, it is your responsibility to ensure you wear the correct clothing and footwear for certain activities. Please ask at reception for further details as you may be unable to participate if you fail to observe this requirement.

 When accessing the fitness and class studios, sports clothing and training shoes must be worn at all times. Jeans, work clothes, boots and shoes are not permitted.

All swimmers are required to wear acceptable swimwear designed for use in a particular activity. Cut-off jeans or other clothing, baggy shorts beyond knee length or transparent costumes are not permitted.

When swimming, T- Shirts may only be worn for medical reasons or at the discretion of the sites Management Team and should be close fitting so as not to hinder movements and cause undue drag, as this may hamper rescue. T- Shirts must not be the same colour as Lifeguards.

For religions which do not allow the wearer to reveal any of their body, then specifically designed swimming costumes covering most of the body, arms, legs and head are permitted

Loose fitting jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets should be removed before entering Swimming Pools.

Standard nappies are not suitable or appropriate for wearing in a Swimming Pool; however swim nappies may be purchased at reception areas.

4. Aspire Gym and Class Studios

All customers are required to complete a Fitness Gym induction before they can use the facility unsupervised.

All customers are issued with a swipe card after completing their induction. The card must be presented at reception on each visit.

All Gym and Class Studio users must have a photograph taken to ensure the card holder is entitled to access the facility.

Customers are asked to wipe down machines after use with spray and paper towels provided.

Personal Training is not permitted in the Gyms. Customers requiring advice around health and fitness are encouraged to speak to the sites Fitness Consultants who are happy to provide appropriate assistance and guidance.

Any drinks taken into the Gym and class areas should be in plastic bottles only.

Entry to a class once a warmup has commenced is at the discretion of the class instructor, as failing to warm up adequately can lead to serious injury.

No refunds can be issued for customers unable to access classes due to late arrival.

5. Booking Information

All fitness class participants must visit reception to pay or swipe their membership card prior to a class commencing.

Fitness classes can be booked in advance online, over the phone or in person at the facility. Bookings can be taken 6 days in advance. Please ask at reception for further details.

All Pay and Play Fitness Class bookings must be paid for in advance when making a reservation.

Cancellations can be made by phone or in person. We ask that you inform us a minimum of 24 hours prior to the class, so we can make the space available. No refunds will be provided for classes cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice.

Once a class is full a reserve list is established.  No payment is required to be placed on the Reserve List. Should a place become available our staff will make every effort to contact you, at which time full payment will be necessary to secure the booking.

Please be aware that due to limited availability, continual and persistent non-attendance for bookings without any cancellations will be noted and may exclude a customer the opportunity to book further sessions.

Please ensure that when accessing Sports Halls and Astro Turf that you adhere to the time of the booking and that the group leader ensures that the group are registered and booked in at reception.

Unfortunately no refunds will be provided if customers have to be evacuated from buildings due to fire alarms or an actual emergency.

6. Swimming Pool Admissions

Our policy is informed using guidance from the Chartered Institute of Management of Sport and Physical Activity. The purpose of this policy is to help safeguard all children using swimming pools and is not intended to stop children and their family's having fun and enjoying their swimming session 

Main Pool: (where part of or all of the water is more than 1.2m deep)

One responsible person (16 years and over) can supervise 2 children from age 4-8 who are swimmers or non-swimmers wearing floatation aids or

One responsible person (16 years and over) can supervise 1 child under the age of 4 who is either a swimmer or wearing suitable floatation aids

Pools where the depth is 1.2 meters or less.

One responsible person (16 years and over) can supervise 2 children under the age of 4 who are either swimmers or non-swimmers wearing suitable floatation aids 

Suitable floatation aids are those that support the wearer's full weight and remain secure in the water e.g. arm bands or float suits. For further information regarding suitability please speak to our staff teams.

7. General Swimming Pool Information

All non-swimmers must wear armbands unless closely supervised on a one-to-one basis by an responsible person 16 years and over who can swim.

Those wearing armbands are restricted to designated shallow areas at all times (except when undertaking instructor led sessions). Discretion may be applied by the sites Management Team regarding disability / carer led length swimming.

The definition of ability to swim is defined as the capacity to swim a recognised stroke unaided for a minimum of 20 metres and tread water for a minimum of 1 minute.  Where a lifeguard has reason to suspect that any person is not able to attain this standard they have the right to request that person to demonstrate their ability. Failure to meet the standard will result in the person being classed as a non-swimmer and the above guidance on supervision and water depth will apply.  This requirement is necessary to safeguard all of the customers in the pool, so that a lifeguard does not have to pay undue attention to one customer and risk losing sight of another in real difficulties.

All swimmers should shower and are encouraged to use the toilet prior to entering the pool.

Customers who have current or recent illness including respiratory problems, infection, digestive upset and rashes should not swim. Any person with a recent history of diarrhoea (i.e. within the last 48 hours) should also not swim.

Any swimmers using medication such as inhalers or GTN spray should ensure Lifeguards are made aware.

Wetsuits, Masks, Flippers, Fins, Tails, Monofins and Snorkels are not allowed into the pool during public swimming sessions. Hand Paddles are also prohibited unless under the instruction of a Swimming

Teacher / Coach.

We would recommend that babies attending swimming pools have received their first set of injections and are always subject to a Health Visitors guidance. Please speak to the sites Duty Manager for further advice.  Babies body's loose heat more quickly than an adult and therefore a shorter period of time in the pool should be adhered to.  Certain sessions are held in water, which has been heated to above the normal swimming temperature to facilitate very young children. Customers are advised to utilise these sessions if a longer water experience is required. 

Swimmers, parents or guardians are advised to communicate to the pool staff on arrival of any disability that may affect them.

Swimmers may be subject to a band admissions system when pools are busy, to ensure correct bather loads can be adhered to.

Swimmers are required to exit the pool as quickly as possible, when requested by lifeguards and or site Management Team.  This can be for emergencies, accidents, customer dignity or the end of a session time. 

8. Clubs and Organisations

All clubs and organisations using Sport and Health Improvement sites are required to follow terms and conditions of bookings, which highlight rules regarding accessing facilities.  Please see reception for further details.

Children and young people attending clubs and groups that are resident at Sport and Health Improvement sites must be signed in and out of a facility when attending sessions. This process may be organised by the group or through site receptions. For further information please check with individual organisations

Any persons attending clubs and organisations who breach Sport and Health Improvement admission rules may be excluded from facilities, and may jeopardise future bookings by the club.  

Clubs must have permission from site Management Team to move any WMDC equipment, furniture or make adjustments to any fabric of the building.  No responsibility will be accepted for club members not following these rules and suffering injury.  At busy times, clubs may have to wait for support from site staff.

9 Wakefield Golf Course

All children under 11 years old are required to be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years or over at all times

Customers attending the site have a duty of care to themselves and all others on the course and adjacent areas.

Please ensure you are courteous at all times to other players.

Suitable clothing and footwear should be worn when out on the course. Vests and Flip Flops are not permitted and tops should not be removed at any time. For further information please speak to the site's Management Team.

In the event of lightning or risk of lightning, golfers are required to cease playing immediately and must leave the course. Lightning is a severe hazard that must be viewed seriously.

In the event of heavy fog, the decision to suspend play will be taken and communicated by the site's Management Team.

When heavy rain is expected, holes are reconfigured, where possible. If it is still impossible to access then the course will be closed. Please contact reception in advance for further information. 

When frost conditions are evident a suspension to play will be considered by the sites Management Team, therefore reducing the possibility of damage to the course.

Customer must be 17 years and above to hire Golf Buggies and hold a full driving license. Please speak to the sites Reception Team for full booking terms and conditions.

In the case of adverse ground conditions Buggies will not be permitted the course.

Winter greens should be used as directed by the Management Team.

Some routine maintenance may be required to take place throughout the year. The course's Management Team will were possible advice customers in advance of any potential closures or part closures.

If play is suspended by the Management Team and customers are unable to complete their round, then a full refund will be provided.

Normal licensing laws apply at the site's Clubhouse. Children can access this area accompanied by an adult up until 7pm. NB the club house is operated by The City of Wakefield Golf Club and not WMDC, other rules and policies may be applied by this organisation and the club Steward should be able to advise.

10. Other Information

All class programmes are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Sessions that are poorly attended will be removed from the programme, with new sessions being introduced. This ensures that an up-to-date offer is available for customers attending Sport and Health Improvement sites.

For individual site opening and closing times, please refer or ring 01924 307820.

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