Aspire Healthy Weight

COMING SOON Aspire Healthy Weight.

If you've gained weight during the pandemic, you aren't alone. Do you have some extra weight you want to lose but not sure where to start? The Aspire Health are here to help.

Did you know?

Improving your diet now will make you feel great, improve your mood and help prevent you from getting diet related illnesses in the future such as diabetes type 2, heart disease, some cancers, joint pain, mobility problems and more. The Aspire Health Referral Team can give you 12 weeks’ worth of FREE funded support to help you take control of your weight loss.

What you will get:

  • Support for a minimum of 12 weeks
  • Advice and support to help you lose weight
  • A warm and friendly community that will help you to achieve results
  • Lots of recipe ideas to support a healthy diet
  • A chance to create individual goals and work towards these
  • Support for changing your behaviour to help you create healthier habits for life

You are able to receive this support if:

  • You are willing to commit to a 12 week programme
  • You are ready to make changes to achieve results
  • You are a Wakefield district resident (paying council tax to Wakefield Council)

If you are ready to improve your health and lifestyle click “start now”, fill in a short form and choose “I am referring myself” and someone will be in contact with you within the next 21 days.