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The Aspire Health Referral Service understand there are many things that can affect a person's ability to be active or maintain a healthier weight. Our team of highly skilled and experienced staff are able to support you and your family to lead a healthier lifestyle, whether you want to be more active, improve your dietary habits or both.

We also have external weight management specialists so whether your goal is to lose weight, be more active, to improve your mental health or manage your health condition – we will have something that can help you.

A BMI above the healthy weight range or too much fat around your waist can increase your risk of serious health problems such as:

Not sure of your Body Mass Index (BMI)? You can calculate it by using the 'Check my BMI' button.

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Despite the Covid-19 restrictions we have continued to support residents with specialist advice, adhering to national guidance. We have adapted the way we do things and are currently providing a mix of online, telephone, email, text, app and written/posted material support. We are continually reviewing our processes and the offer we have in place and will update this page as the situation changes.

What we do:

  • Provide you with tailored support for a minimum of 12 weeks
  • Support you with improving your diet, being more active or both
  • Explore your individual goals and motivations and help you to work towards these
  • Support you with strategies for changing behaviour to help you create healthier habits
  • Support you to make long term sustainable lifestyle changes

Who we can help:

We can support adults, families and children from the age of 5.

In order to receive help from the Aspire Health Referral Service you and your family will need to live within the boundaries of Wakefield District (e.g. be Wakefield Council Tax payers).

How to refer:

Adults (18+ years)

There are 2 ways for adults to be referred into the Aspire Health Referral service:

1.      You can self-refer using the 'start' button at the bottom of this page.  This should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. You will need an accurate height and weight measurement to do this.

2.      Your GP or other health professional can complete a referral form for you and email it to us or they can refer using our online portal by selecting "I'm a health professional and want to refer someone".

Children (5 – 18 years)

If you are interested in referring your child we request you get in touch with your child's GP or other healthcare professional to complete the specific junior referral form. Once completed the professional can send to our secure Aspire email.

What to expect

Once your Aspire referral has been received and processed you can expect to receive a telephone call within 14 days from a member of our team. They will speak to you to gather any additional information and what you are looking for support with.

Your referral will then be discussed to ensure you are allocated to the best pathway to suit your needs and circumstances. An additional in-depth assessment with a member of the team may be required before a final outcome can be agreed.

Our expectations

You will be supported by the service with the expectation that you can commit time to the programme and have the desire to take full advantage of the provided pathways.

Full engagement to the programme is expected from all who use the service to gain the most from it, however we understand that life is not simple at times so your referral can be paused at any point whilst on the programme until you are ready to commit at a later date.  Please discuss any problems with us.

Are you ready?

1. Can you commit to a programme for a minimum of 12 weeks?

2. Are you in the right frame of mind to start making changes?

3. Do you have any personal distractions that might make it difficult for you to commit or make changes?

If you answered 'Yes' to question 1 and 2 it is likely you are ready to fully commit to Aspire referral Service.
If you answered 'Yes' to question 3, now might not be the best time for you to refer to the Aspire Health Service. Some of the support options below might help you at this time.

Other support and self help

If you feel you are not quite ready to make the commitment to our service right now but want to start making a positive change to your lifestyle we recommend these websites, apps and services to help prepare you to commit fully to the Aspire Health Referral programme.

Here are our top ten tips to help get you started towards a healthier lifestyle

Be clear on the reasons you want to change,
'what are your motivations'?


Take it slow, make small and simple changes.
No fad diets!

Be active throughout the day


Have a regular meal pattern

Write it down! Track your diet and physical activity


Think realistic by setting 'SMART' goals


Be organised, plan your meals and activity for the day/week


Prepare yourself for setbacks, but don't give up.


Think of a lifestyle change as a journey, not a destination


Think positive by recording your successes.


If you do wish to self-refer to the Aspire Health Referral Service- click the 'start now' button below

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Contact us

If you have any other questions or queries please contact the Aspire Health Referral team on one of the following methods.

Telephone: 01924 307811