E-mail response timescales

We will endeavour to provide you with a full response to your enquiry within a maximum of 10 working days. If we are unable to provide a full response within this timescale then we will explain why, and provide further updates every 10 working days until a full response can be given. 

Due to operating procedures the services listed below have some enquiries that cannot be responded to within the 10 working days timescale and therefore they have their own timescales:

Council Tax

Council Tax will endeavour to respond within 10 working days, however unfortunately during our busiest times we could take up to 15 working days to respond to your enquiry.

Planning Services

We normally provide a full response to enquiries within 10 working days. However, if your enquiry relates to Pre Application advice or Permitted Development advice then these requests are more technically complex and it may take up to 30 working days for us to respond to you. 



Learner Support Services 

Due to the complexity of some enquiries we will provide you with a full response to your enquiry within 20 working days.

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