Making a compliment

  • Are you pleased with our service?
  • Has someone gone the extra mile for you?
  • We want to know when we provide excellent services to our customers!

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We value the importance of feedback when things have gone well. We recognise the importance of compliments in helping us to continue to get things right for our customers. We will make sure your compliment is passed to the right service.

We are pleased to receive your comments and views, and aim to use what you tell us to make improvements. To help us to do this we have a customer feedback scheme so you are able to compliment us, make comments about what we do, raise concerns and make complaints. We want you to tell us where we are going wrong, as well as when we are doing a good job.

When we get a compliment we will share it with others and make sure it is passed to the right service and the people you are pleased with.

Response times are listed in our Complaints Policy