​During the current pandemic, the need for children to be connected to the internet has been essential.  Access to online lessons and downloading school or college work is vital, especially when children are isolating, shielding or their class bubble had closed. Unfortunately, not all children have a suitable device or access to the internet.

Help #WFConnect and donate your old technology so it can be refurbished and distributed to local children and young people to support their remote learning.

What types of devices are you accepting?

WFConnect are accepting tablets, laptops, or dongles as long as they are in working order with a minimum of Windows 7, iOS 9.0, or for an Android 8.0 and above. This is typically anything 2015 or after. 

How can I donate a device?

To donate a device, either as an individual or business, please contact The team will then get back in touch with you to arrange pick up. 

Will the equipment be cleaned and safe for someone else to use?

After the donation is collected, it will be thoroughly cleaned before it is donated to the next recipient.

The item will also be wiped and reset, to make sure it is ready for the new owner. This will be done by a computer specialist to ensure people's privacy and data is protected.

I have photos on my device that I don't want to lose, how can I remove them before I donate it?

The guidance below can support you in removing your photos from your device. Be advised that many companies also provide further advice on this topic on their website.

How can I remove my data myself?

If you would prefer to wipe the data yourself before donation, here are some suggested instructions. Be advised that many companies also provide further advice on this topic on their website.

What will happen to all my data on the devices that I donate?

The item/s that you donate will be fully wiped and reset to its original factory settings by a computer specialist. No personal data will remain on any devices that are distributed to our recipients.

Who can donate to the scheme?

Anybody who is over the age of 18 years can donate. You must own the item that you want to donate.

Who will receive my devices and how are they chosen?

We will work with schools and a number of partner organisations from across the Wakefield district to identify and supply children and young people who have need.

Devices are allocated on a device received, device donated basis, and there may be times when we do not have devices available to distribute.

For further information or to pledge donations please contact

Advice and Guidance

What other device can I use if I don't have a laptop, tablet, or PC to access the internet?

If you have a SMART TV, Xbox, or PlayStation you can use any of these to access the internet. You can then from this access online learning platforms such as Google Classroom, BBC Bitesize etc. You can also plug in a keyboard or connect a wireless keyboard to make typing easier.

For some useful support on setting these up see below:

How can I tether my data from a mobile phone to another device?

You can use your phone's mobile data to connect another phone, tablet, gaming device, or computer to the internet. Sharing a connection this way is called tethering or using a hotspot. Some phones can share Wi-Fi connection by tethering.

How do I access Google classroom from my Xbox?

  1. Go to my games and apps
  2. Select Microsoft Edge (the 'E' icon)
  3. Type in
  4. Insert your school email address and password

How do I access Google classroom from my PlayStation?

  1. Open the internet browser (the icon with 'WWW')
  2. Type in
  3. Insert your school email address and password

How do I set up my laptop?

How to get started with your Microsoft device

How do I set up my 4G Wireless Router?

4G wireless router: user guidance


How can I apply for a digital device?

We are currently distributing devices to those children with a social worker or a children's first hub worker. We will be looking to expand the eligibility criteria as donations increase.

I have a social worker or early help hub support worker, how do I apply?

Please contact your worker who will send in a nomination form on your child's behalf.

How else can I get support?

Please contact your child's school in the first instance to see if there is any support available through the Department for Education scheme.