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We are aware that following the Coronavirus pandemic you may wish to opt for elective home education for your children either in the short term or permanently. Although we understand these are very challenging times and the choice to home educate may currently seem more appropriate than a return to school, we urge you to seek advice prior to making the decision to remove your child from the school roll.

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, some LAs may be receiving an increase in enquiries from parents about EHE. Where this happens, the DfE strongly recommend that LAs work with schools, parents and carers, and other key professionals (such as social workers) to coordinate a meeting before the parent makes a final decision, in order to ensure the parent fully considers what is in the best interests of each individual child. This is particularly important where vulnerable children, children with a social worker, and those at greatest risk of harm are involved.

LAs normally become aware of a child who is electively home educated once the name has been removed from the school roll. The DfE expects schools and other professionals to engage with LAs where a parent is consideringwithdrawing their child from school for EHE before the child's name is removed from the roll. This will enable the LA to coordinate a meeting ahead of the child being withdrawn from school and the parent confirming in writing that they are being electively home educated instead. If a child attends a special school and this was arranged by a local authority, the local authority must give consent for the child's name to be removed from the roll.

Elective Home Education is very different to how children are currently being educated at home and you will not be provided with work by schools as is currently the case. You will be responsible for providing your child with a full time education and you will have full financial responsibility for this, including finding and buying resources, private tutors and future exam costs. Websites that have been offering free access during the pandemic may no longer be doing so following the return to 'normal' education in schools. 

If your child has an Education, Health & Care Plan you will be expected to provide an education that is suitable to meet your child's Special Educational Needs as set out in their Plan and the Local Authority may be relieved of its duty to provide any support

If you withdraw your child from the school roll to home educate there is no guarantee that you will get a place back at the same school should you decide you no longer wish to home educate.

If your child currently receives Free School Meals they will no longer have access to this service.

This information is for parents who have chosen to educate their child at home or are considering doing so. The Education Welfare Service is able to support parents considering home education, offering advice and guidance as appropriate.

If a parent chooses to educate their child at home from the start of compulsory education we recommend that they inform the local authority and register by using the administration form in the Wakefield Guide for Parents.  

If the child is currently on roll at a school, the parent must formally withdraw their child from their school place by putting this in writing to the head teacher. The school has a responsibility to send this letter to the Welfare Service. 

Parents are advised to discuss the implications of home education before formally withdrawing their child. Children who have an EHCP can also be educated at home but if your child attends a special school you need the permission of the local authority before they can be removed from the school roll.

Please note: Parents are encouraged to make an informed decision before choosing Elective Home Education. When parents elect to educate their child at home, they assume financial responsibility for their child's education.

Parents must ensure that the child receives a full time suitable education and this requires a great deal of commitment. 

Our Elective Home Education: A Guide for Parents and Carers in the Wakefield Area booklet  includes an administration form which you should complete and send to the Education Welfare Service if you decide to educate at home.

Although home educators are not legally required to follow the national curriculum we recommend that they are aware of its contents.


Next Steps in Education:

For year 10 students there are a limited number of places for EHE students to take up an Early College transfer at Wakefield College, they have a range of vocational subjects available and the opportunity to do English and Maths qualifications alongside. You will need to have been registered as EHE for at least 6 months previously.

If you would like to apply the application forms are available to download below, please send your application direct to the College.   

School Link Application - EHE

Medical Disclosure and Parental Consent

Elected Home Educated Letter 2019-20

Post 16 Options:

Wakefield College are now taking online applications from Year 11's for September 2020


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Following significant numbers of requests for advice being received from parents of school children who are currently at home due to the Corona virus, Education Otherwise has produced a guidance document for those families. This addresses the concerns that parents have expressed to us.


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