Home to school passenger assisstants

We are looking to recruit passenger assistants to help over 600 children and young people with additional needs make it to and from schools and colleges across the district.

This is a casual post within the Home to School Transport Team.

What is a passenger assistant?

Passenger assistants are responsible for the care and supervision of children and young people with additional needs while travelling to and from school or college.

Passenger assistants make sure that each child safely boards the vehicle, (e.g. bus or taxi) and is secured before travelling. 

Assistants are responsible for the behaviour, safety and wellbeing of the child or children they are supervising until received by parent, carer or teacher.

All passenger assistants will be given relevant training, helping them understand health and safety procedures and how to use appropriate safety equipment.

Who do passenger assistants help?

Passenger assistants help a range of children, pupils, young people and students from ages 2-24. The children and young people will have a range of complex medical needs, or may display severe and challenging behaviour.

Skills you need

Passenger assistants must have a compassionate and caring nature, and display a patient and reasonable attitude at all times.

They must also be well-organised and have an ability to adapt to changing situations and schedules.
For more information about the role and required skills, see the job description.

This can be a demanding role. Passenger assistants will need to be flexible to respond to the different needs of the children and young people they’re helping.

However, the role is a very rewarding one and offers the chance to make a real difference to lives of the children and young people, as well as their parents, carers and teachers.

For more information, call 01924 305643 / 305675 / 305481 or email: hst@wakefield.gov.uk

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