Happy Healthy Holidays - FAQ

What is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications is Thursday 13 May 2021.

Does it have to be the full four weeks at summer or can we run the provision for just one week?

Applications that can meet the DfE requirements of four days, four hours and four weeks would be preferred. However we would also encourage applications where an organisation can fulfil a minimum requirement of 8 hours delivery in any given week to ensure we have a variety of provision available that still allows us to meet the over requirement to meet the 4,4,4 DfE requirement.

If you run the summer session are you committed to run a session at Christmas?

No, this round of applications is for summer only. A further application process will take place in the Autumn for the Christmas period.

The minimum of 8 hours in any given week, can that be one full day or does it have to be two days of 4 hours?

The minimum 8 hours does not have to be two days of four hours, however please be aware that the funding is not to be used to provide free childcare places. The activities being run also need to include the provision of food in line with the guidance so please bear this in mind when setting up duration of activities

Is this fund available to children with SEND and additional needs?

Yes, we are encouraging providers to make all of their provision as inclusive and accessible as possible and ensure that they include all costings in their bids that would facilitate this being the case.

Can we apply for one to one workers for SEND children?

Yes, please factor in all costs to your bid to make your provision as accessible and inclusive as possible.

How can community based providers screen for the FSM eligibility?

We would not expect providers to screen for free school meal eligibility, however we would anticipate that any promotion of activity does make clear that this eligibility criteria does exist. We are currently looking into the best way to support how the programme is advertised but this will include through our schools who will know which children are on FSM.

How can we find partnerships to co-deliver holiday provision?

If you are interested in forming a partnership to deliver holiday provision, please email the HAFWakefield@wakefield.go.uk inbox and we will try our best to facilitate these connections. In your email please include the area you are based (if applicable), what you can offer (food, physical activities, equipment, venue, etc.), and what you would be looking for out of a partnership. We also encourage you to research what is already on offer in your area.

Are there any specific geographical areas that you are wanting to target?

We are currently carrying out a mapping exercise including free school meal hotspots and existing provision to ensure we have not only a spread across the district but ensure there is enough provision in areas of greatest need. This would not prevent any applications being welcomed but it will form part of our planning when overlaying the proposed activities with what already exists and those areas where FSM eligibility is highest.

Do parents accompany the children - would we need to provide food for them as well?

We are happy to accept applications for family events however the DfE funding would only be for the child eligible for income based free school meals.

Would we need to provide for transport to the site or is there a central resource?

We would encourage you to cover funding for transport if needed within your bid.

Why is the fund only available to children eligible for income based Free School Meals?

The DfE are providing the funding and have designated that it is for those children who are eligible for and claiming benefit related FSM.

How does the different provision we'll all be offering work together?  Will a child attend only one offer or will they go to different sites over the week?  Will it be a fixed group across the 4 weeks or different participants every time?

We envisage that parents, children and young people will have the information about what activities are being delivered and they will make the choice as to which activities they book on to. There is no limit to what they can access if they meet the criteria both for the funding and the requirements of the various activities being run.

Would there be any funding issues with delivery being done at different communities across an area? Essentially a scheduled "tour" with facility costs to each location used

We are happy to receive applications that are being run on this basis in different locations as long as they meet the core criteria.

Can I incorporate training costs into my bid?

Yes but they must be relevant to the HAF provision that is being put forward and in line with the DfE criteria for funding

Is there opportunity to work with families so they can be involved in planning the activities they want?

We would expect that providers will engage with their local community to inform the activities they put forward.

Would we be able to advertise provision or would the council do this?

The council will be advertising the provision to eligible families, however, if successful in their application we would encourage providers to advertise their provision to ensure the best possible take up of eligible children.

Where can I find the physical activities guidelines and school food standards?

Links to the standards are detailed in the application form guidance.

What do you define as a partnership?

A partnership can work in a number of ways.  It can be defined as;

  • A joint bid with another organisation on the whole of the activity programme.
  • To join up with another organisation to provide activities and/or food but not necessarily make it a joint bid.
  • To link with another service/provider such as a local school or VCS to use their venue to deliver your project. 
  • To work in partnership with/or fund food outlets, where you are not able or wishing to cater yourself, as they already have their food standards in place (this would be costed into your application).