Gritting and clearing priorities

We aim to treat priority routes before the road surface temperatures fall to 0°C.

Precautionary gritting is carried out on A and B roads, commuter routes, steep main roads to villages, housing or industrial estates, including roads leading to main hospitals and large schools.

Gritting is carried out on 40 per cent of roads - roads used by more than 90 per cent of all the traffic in the district. On average, you are never more than 400 metres away from a treated route.

What you need to know

Persistent snow and ice

In long periods of lying snow or ice, access roads to other schools, estates and minor access roads in hilly or exposed locations will be treated on a priority basis.

Treatment is carried out around the clock until precautionary routes are clear of snow or ice. This includes Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Pedestrian routes - footpaths, shopping precincts and subways

Town and city centre precincts and the very busiest footways are inspected early morning during winter and any ice or frost is treated. 

Other roads and footways are only treated during severe conditions of ice or snow once these priority routes have been cleared. This is to make sure resources are used in the most efficient way. For example, any areas that are due for a waste recycling collection will be cleared first.

Footways are prioritised in the following order:

  • Town centre streets/main pedestrian routes
  • Shopping fronts
  • Busy pedestrian routes
  • Hospital and doctors surgery fronts/routes
  • School fronts/routes
  • Community centre fronts
  • Steep sections of footways
  • Predominantly elderly resident areas
  • Other residential areas
  • Industrial estates ​

You will need to tell us:

  • Where you need the grit
  • Specific details of the request
    For example, street to be gritted or added to an existing gritting route, location of grit bin
  • The reasons why it should be gritted or added
Request road gritting or ploughing

If you wish to request road gritting or ploughing, please fill in our online form, after which we will receive an application number. If you provide us with an email address an automated acknowledgment of your request will be sent to you. 

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