Transport strategy and policy

​Transport strategy

What is the strategy for?

  • “Working together to ensure that Wakefield’s transport system connects people and places in ways that support the economy, the environment and quality of life.”
  • Making it easier to access places, services, and amenities by sustainable means
  • Supporting the delivery of new housing and jobs
  • Creating high quality, distinctive, and safe environments
  • Reducing congestion and supporting greener fuel technologies
  • Serving the transport needs of the most vulnerable members of the community

The Wakefield District Transport Strategy and Implementation Plan 2011-2026 replaces the Wakefield District Transport Strategy which was published in 2007. 

What will it mean for you?

There are four key themes identified in the strategy:

Transport assets

A well maintained and managed transport network forms the basis of good local transport provision, which is vital for economic growth and reducing traffic congestion in the district. We will do all we can to achieve the best possible traffic movement, and to maintain good conditions on our roads and pavements.

Travel choices

Increasing the number of sustainable travel options available to the public, through travel planning, cycling and walking, will give you more choice.  We will help you to plan your travel, provide a better network of cycle routes, and make walking safer through better pedestrian facilities across busy roads.


Connecting communities with work places, services and amenities is also recognised as an essential part of regenerating the district. This improves quality of life, supports the delivery of new housing and jobs, and serves the transport needs of vulnerable people.

Public transport provides significant opportunities for sustainable travel to towns, villages and the main centres of population throughout the district, whether by bus or rail. We will look to maintain and improve bus quality contracts, free city bus service, and explore the option of park and ride sites.

Transport enhancements

Enhancing the transport network will focus on making better use of new technology to improve the efficiency and safety of travel and to encourage economic growth in the district, creating high quality, distinctive and safe environments.

We will look at improving messaging signs, supporting low carbon vehicles, and introducing more controlled pedestrian crossings and bus priority measures.

Safer Roads

Between 2000 and 2010, there was a steady decrease in the number of crashes and casualties on the district’s roads, with the number of people killed or seriously injured reducing by almost half. But we want to do more. Our target is that by 2026 we will have reduced the figure by a further 50 per cent.

What is happening now?

The strategy will be implemented in a series of three year implementation programmes. Details of the current 2011-2014 programme can be found in the strategy document.

During 2014, a new three year Implementation Plan will be developed for the period 2014-2017.  

Local Transport Plan

We are a partner in the West Yorkshire Local Transport Plan Partnership, along with Metro and the local authorities for Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees and Calderdale.

The Local Transport Plan sets out a high level framework for the management and development of transport infrastructure and provision throughout West Yorkshire.

Locally, the Wakefield District Transport Strategy and Implementation Plan sets out local priorities within the framework of the West Yorkshire Local Transport Plan.​

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