Traffic management and safety

Traffic Calming

Traffic calming is not simply about reducing traffic speeds but is used to help reduce the number of road casualties on our roads. The methods used include; road humps / cushions, mini roundabouts, traffic islands and speed cameras. We aim to target routes with the worst road safety records.

Speed Limits

Speed limits play a vital role in controlling safe traffic speeds. The majority of roads with street lights automatically have a speed limit of 30mph but don't always have road signs.  On other roads the speed limit is shown on road signs.

20mph Speed Limits

These can be used in areas where a lower speed limit would be more appropriate and where it can be self-enforcing through existing traffic calming measures.

The Police are responsible for enforcing speed limits.

Pedestrian Crossings

Puffin (Pelican), Zebra and Island crossings are used to help  pedestrians cross busier roads. Too many crossings can disrupt traffic flow, so a combination of high pedestrian and vehicle numbers helps identify those locations most suitable for crossings.

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