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Further advice and guidance for landowners

There are more than 350 miles of public rights of way across the district that provide traffic free routes between communities and give access to the wider countryside. There are 4 types of public rights of way.

Different rights of way

Public footpaths

For walkers only. You are allowed to take a pram, push-chair, or wheelchair along any public footpath, but be aware that many paths, particularly in the countryside, may not be physically suitable for them. You can also walk with your dog, but cannot push or ride a bicycle.

Public footpaths are waymarked with yellow arrows.


For walkers, horse riders and cyclists. Cyclists must give way to walkers and horse-riders.

Bridleways are waymarked with blue arrows.

Restricted byways

For walkers, horse-riders, cyclists and horse-drawn vehicles.

Restricted byways are waymarked with purple arrows.

Byways open to all traffic (BOAT)

Often call byways - For walkers, horse-riders, cyclists, motorcycles and other motor vehicles.

BOATs are waymarked with red arrows.

Where can I go?

There are lots of places you can walk, horse ride or cycle.  The map of public rights of way shows the location of footpaths, bridleways and byways.

Remember that public rights of way are over private land.  Please keep to the path and follow the Countryside Code. 

Who looks after the network

The network of public paths and the record of public rights of way (the definitive map and statement) is managed by the Public Rights of Way Team.  If you have any queries or want to report a problem please contact us. Our proposals to extend the path network and make it more useable are set out in the Rights of Way Improvement Plan.

Public Rights of Way Registers

Wakefield Council has a duty to make a number of registers available to the public.

The Public Rights of Way network does change over time as paths are added, deleted or have their status changed, for instance, a footpath may become a bridleway.

Landowners can formally acknowledge Public Rights of Way across land in their ownership and also indicate that they have no intention to dedicate any further routes in future.

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