Giant Hogweed - Be aware of this potentially harmful plant

​Giant Hogweed is an invasive plant often found by rivers and near water. The sap of the plant can be harmful causing blisters and burns. When accessing outdoor spaces and using public paths it is a good idea to be aware of what Giant Hogweed looks like so that it can be avoided.  It is important to stay on official paths especially when near rivers, canals and other water bodies and to be aware of the risk posed by Giant Hogweed.

Giant Hogweed-Spring and Early Summer

Giant Hogweed-mid to late Summer

Giant Hogweed looks a lot like Cow Parsley. It has pointed leaves and white flowers but it is a lighter green and it is much much larger. It grows from Spring, throughout the Summer and then dies back in Autumn.

Please follow this link to some useful information and a guide to identifying Giant Hogweed which has been prepared by the Woodland Trust:

Report any Giant Hogweed directly affecting public rights of way or public spaces to Wakefield Council.  We will try and deal with plants directly affecting these areas. Wakefield Council will not however attend to Giant Hogweed which is growing on private land.