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Public Rights of Way

Coronavirus update

Public rights of way provide a welcome opportunity for people to take exercise and get fresh air during the restrictions imposed to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The public rights of way network in and around Wakefield District's towns and countryside remains open. You can exercise outdoors as often as you wish providing you follow the social distancing guidelines.

When using public paths, it is important that members of the public follow all requirements for social distancing. Keep 2 metres away from other path users. The restrictions and measures in place are there to protect everyone.

Many footpaths, bridleways and other public rights of way cross private land, working farms and in some cases are close to private homes. People should always keep to the paths, keep their distance from landowners and livestock, and if they have a dog with them, keep it under close control (on a short lead or at heel). If people are not on an official path - they are trespassing. 

Please note that the law does not currently allow closure of any path or part of the public rights of way network for COVID-19 reasons.

Further advice and guidance for landowners