Parking policy, parking and traffic restrictions

Parking restrictions

Parking restrictions take many forms and help maintain safe traffic flows around the highway network.

Double yellow lines prevent parking or waiting for 24 hours a day with single yellow lines doing the same for part of the day.

Other restrictions can limit the length of time a vehicle can be parked or restrict usage to such as loading only or for blue badge holders.

All restrictions require what is termed a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) which is a statutory process that can take around 18 months to complete.

This timescale limits the number that can be introduced each year with around a dozen or so completed annually.

Consequently a priority system is used to determine those schemes in greatest need.

Traffic movement restrictions

These come in various forms such as turn bans, permanent road closures or HGV restrictions.

However, HGV restrictions cannot prevent access to properties within restricted routes. Once again movement restrictions are governed by Traffic Regulation Orders and fall into the same priority system.

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Parking policy

We aim to:

  • support economic growth
  • provide parking for all road users
  • support the environment
  • be fair and consistent
  • use technology to increase efficiency

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