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Flooding Disruption

You can keep up to date with the weather forecast here and any potential flood warnings here.

In the event of flooding, you can check for road closures before you travel here.

Here are some tips and advice on getting prepared and what to do in a flood: 

Be Prepared

Be Prepared

In the event of very heavy rain flooding can occur. Here’s what you can do to be prepared and minimise your risk.

Step 1: Check

Find out if your property is at risk of flooding 

Step 2: Alerts

Sign up for flood warnings 

Step 3: Protect

Protect your home or business.

If you are at risk from flooding there is flood protection equipment you can fit. This can include:

  • Sandbags. You can get these from most DIY stores or builders merchants 
  • Hydrosacks or hydrosnakes - a modern alternative to sandbags
  • Toilet seals - to stop sewage
  • Airbrick covers - to prevent water entering the building
  • Door and gate barriers - to hold back flood water from the house
  • Submersible water pumps - to help remove water

Bluepages is the UK's leading independent flood directory. It's a list of flood products and services put together to advise and inform you of the range of products available to help reduce the risk of flooding to your home or business.

Step 4: Report

To report flooding to your home in a severe weather incident please contact us at 0345 8 50606

Please keep in mind that out customer service phone line may be busy if there is significant flooding. Please bear with us. We will do our best to answer your call as soon as we can.

To report flooding on roads please see the following page for advice and reporting:

What you can do in a flood

Above all keep yourself safe and others safe. 

  • Do not walk through flood water - underwater obstructions and pollution make it dangerous. 
  • do not drive through flood water unless you know it is safe to do so - fast moving water can sweep your car away. 
  • keep vulnerable people and children away from flood water and wash your hands thoroughly if you touch it. 
  • protect furniture, household items and valuables by moving them upstairs. 
  • turn off mains electric and gas. 
  • use battery operated or mobile devices / apps to listen to local radio and TV weather forecasts and advice from emergency services.
  • put plugs in sinks and baths and weigh them down to prevent backflow from drains. Weigh down the toilet seat too. 
  • bring caged pets inside, and move all pets with food, water, bedding and litter trays upstairs. 
Contact details

Wakefield Council 

Environment Agency 

  • Flooding from main rivers and flood warning service 
  • Contact centre: 03708 506 506 Floodline (24hrs): 0345 988 1188 

Yorkshire Water

National Flood Forum 

Road closures

We will keep this webpage updated on road closures and via our social media channels. 

Please check before you travel. Live updates on road closures can be found here.