Flood risk management

​Support for households and businesses affected by flooding

Advice and contacts for flooding

For more advice on what to do after a flood, or how to protect properties against further flooding, please visit the Environment Agency website.   

More information

If you have been affected by the floods please call our contact centre for support on 0345 8 506 506.

Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Grant

What is this for?

The grant is for both residential and business properties affected by storms Ciara and Dennis in February 2020.

  • It is to help cover the costs of works to make properties more resilient against future flooding.
  • The scheme allows flood-hit homes and businesses to get up to £5,000 (includes VAT).
  • It is to fund the additional cost, over and above those of standard property repairs. The aim of the work is to make:
  • properties easier and cheaper to clean up;
  • reduce the risk of potential damage in future.
  • It can also be used to cover additional costs not covered by your insurance claim for flood damage.

Please note: It cannot be used to cover your insurance excess.

Who can apply?

Details of who is eligible to apply for the grant, how it can be used and how to apply can be found in the document below;

Property Flood Resilience Grant Guidance.pdf

Wakefield District Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

We are responsible for undertaking a Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment for local sources of flood risk, primarily from surface runoff, ordinary watercourses and groundwater.

The assessment is a high level screening exercise which involves collecting and assessing information on historic and future flooding within the district. The information is used to identify Flood Risk Areas, which are vulnerable to significant flooding.

Information relating to past and future flooding was collected and assessed. Based on the collated evidence, 17 locations within the district were identified as having experienced significant harmful consequences from past flooding and 27 locations were identified as being significantly at risk from future surface water flooding. 

Summary of the Wakefield Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment Report.

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