Kirkgate Highways Regeneration Scheme

The £6million project will see the subways around Kirkgate, which were built in the 1970's, filled in and replaced by storm water storage.

Our £6m project to improve Kirkgate in Wakefield for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists is progressing well.

The regeneration scheme began in May and will bring benefits to the local community by improving access to the area. By putting new infrastructure in place it is hoped this will support future development and investment in this part of the city.

The project involves removing the old central reservation on Kirkgate and putting new kerbs in place. A new roundabout and traffic signals are to be installed to help pedestrians and cyclists to cross safely.
Work is also underway at Park Street junction to provide better access for vehicles to and from Kirkgate Station and the surrounding residential area.

Other changes will include the Monk Street area being paved and the closing of the Monk Street and Brunswick Street junction to traffic, to improve conditions for people walking and cycling between the city centre and Kirkgate Station.

The scheme includes re-using subways around Kirkgate, which were built in the 1970's, so they can be filled in and replaced by storm-water storage. The tanks hold excess rain water, which will be gradually released back into the sewer system, once a spell of wet weather is over.
Inevitably a major project like this will cause some disruption. We apologise for any inconvenience and are doing all we can to minimise this.

In the longer term this project will bring great benefits for the district as having the right infrastructure in place could lead to new development and investment, which would provide a real boost for the local community.

In recent years there have been major developments to the Kirkgate area with the refurbishment of the train station and the opening of the new West Yorkshire Archive building.
The project, which is funded by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, runs until late Spring 2018.

Update – September 2017

Works are continuing in several areas, with work on the new “slip road” to Kirkgate well advanced. Kerbs have been laid and are ready to receive the new surfacing.

Kerbing to the central reservation has been completed and the surfacing laid up to underside of the proposed artificial grass layer.

Excavation for the new retaining wall alongside Marsh Way is complete, with the area now ready for construction to begin.

Infilling of the old underpass area continues, with areas left exposed for future construction of manholes and tanks

Ductwork to the area alongside Chantry House is complete, the new kerbs laid and preparation to construct the new footway is well advanced.

The new kerbs to south side of Park Street have been placed and construction of the new footpath is underway.