Highways Asset Management


Well-Managed Highways Infrastructure – A Code of Practice

Wakefield Council is applying the principles of the national guidance 'Well Managed Highway Infrastructure – A Code of Practice' (WMHI) which advocates a 'risk based' approach to highway asset management.

The new Code has given the Council the opportunity to review its highway maintenance practices and processes and not be bound by the prescriptive recommendations of the old ways of working. The new Code allows Council's to better align its service levels more closely to corporate and local objectives and where robust analysis and evidence supports it, the potential to deliver service efficiencies.

As the Highway Authority, the Council has certain legal obligations it must meet to ensure the highway network is safe and fit for purpose. From time to time, these obligations may become the subject of claims for loss or personal injury. Demonstrating that the Council maintains the public highway in accordance with the Code is essential to be able to counter such claims and protect the 'public purse'.

Further information about highways asset management funding

The following documents set out the principles in which Wakefield Council will deliver a Well Managed Highway Infrastructure network: