Report a problem with a footpath or bridleway

Use this form to report any problems with footpaths or bridleways, including: overgrown hedges, ploughing complaints, and general maintenance requests.

Please note that Public rights of Way are not roadside pavements.

A Public Right of Way can be a footpath or public bridleway over open countryside as well as pathways and ginnels in and around towns. If you would like to report an issue with a roadside pavement please use the 'Potholes and Road Conditions' form.

Other information

A footpath and a footway are legally different things. A footway is a pavement that runs along the road (highway), and a footpath can be a public right of way or a passageway between houses, or over open land.

You will need to tell us:

  • Where the problem is (please try to be specific with the answer you give, for example: [insert specified location with nearby notable landmarks] rather than just [insert nearby street name])
  • What the problem is (please try to give us specific details)

Report a problem with a footpath or bridleway

If you wish to report a problem with a footpath or bridleway, please fill in our online form, after which we will receive an application number. If you provide us with an email address an automated acknowledgment of your request will be sent to you. 

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