Bridges and retaining walls

Before you start

​We can only deal with damaged structures that we're responsible for. There is usually a sign on a bridge that will tell you who's responsible for it and how to contact them.

On the form, you will need to select 'Bridge or structure' for the 'What is the enquiry about?' question.

What we need to know

  • Where the structure is
  • What the structure is made of
  • What damage has been caused
  • What has caused the damage, for example a traffic accident

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Other information


We look after over 200 bridges and other structures in the district. Motorway bridges are looked after by The Highways Agency. Network Rail look after railway bridges that go over public roads.

Bridges are inspected regularly. If you know of a bridge that is damaged, please report it.


A retaining wall supports land at a higher level on one side than the other. Where the land on both sides of the wall is at the same level this is a boundary wall

Who owns a wall and who looks after it?

Retaining walls that support roads above the level of nearby land are usually our responsibility. Other retaining and boundary walls are usually the responsibility of the landowners.

When a damaged or collapsing wall is reported, we will inspect it.

If you know of a wall that is collapsing or is damaged, please report it.