Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are an increasingly popular alternative to petrol and diesel cars because they are better for the environment and are cheaper to run. To find out more about electric cars and vans visit the Go Ultra Low website where you can check out which electric car is perfect for you.

A concern for some people is where to re-charge an electric vehicle (EV). Just like a mobile phone, most EV users charge the car at home over night using a standard cable supplied with the car. It’s also possible to get an electric charging point installed at home, which can charge the car quicker than a standard socket. Grants are available from the Government to help with the cost of installation – visit the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) website for more information about grants which are available.

You may also need to re-charge the electric car or van on the go and there is already an extensive network of EV charge points available for the public to use. There are a number of websites and Apps available to find out where your nearest EV charge-point is, but we have found CarWow and  Zap Map to be among the best.

To support the growing network of EV chargepoints, Wakefield Council is working with partner Councils across West Yorkshire and the power company Engie to develop a network of rapid chargers across the region. A rapid charger will top-up a battery of most EVs in just 20-30 minutes, enough time to grab a coffee or do a quick shop before going on your way! Visit the Rapid Charger Network project website to find out more.

Be part of the electric revolution to improve air quality and helping to tackle climate change.