The Knottingley Masterplan

The Knottingley and Ferrybridge Masterplan is an ambitious and aspirational blueprint of how the towns could be regenerated in a coherent, sustainable and cohesive manner over the next 15 to 20 years.

It is one of the short term projects of the Knottingley Action Plan which details more than 90 short, medium and long term projects to realise the aspirations of local residents and businesses who jointly developed the Knottingley Vision with the Council.

Its content were informed by a public consultation held in late 2020, the results of which can be read  online or downloaded

It underpins the Council's vision for Wakefield district is a place where people thrive, businesses succeed and visitors are welcome and supports its Economic Strategy which identifies the revitalisation and diversification of its town centres as key to delivering these aspirations.

The masterplan proposes a new Special Policy Area and major employment site to the south of the town. Within the Masterplan are proposals for a new link road, 2,600 new homes, circa 855,000 square metres of new employment space and extensive blue and green infrastructure to promote access to open space and the countryside.

This will require re-designating Green Belt land use allocations to the south of Knottingley through the new Wakefield Local Plan 2018-2036, a decision on which is expected in 2022.

Future economic growth in Knottingley is predicated upon current Green Belt land being re-designated for development. Failure to achieve this will only permit limited areas of residential in-fill and existing Local Development Framework employment allocations to be delivered.

Until the decision is known, a phased approach is proposed as described in the following indicative delivery plan.

Indicative Delivery Plan

2021-2022: Feasibility, Setting the Context & Immediate works

  1. Strong focus on Hill Top Town Centre.
  2. In-fill and existing allocated land parcels developed out.
  3. Further communications and consultation.
  4. Funding bids and commencement of detailed design.


2023-2025: Phase 1 – post adoption of Wakefield Local Plan

  1. Opening up of 780,000sqm of employment space.
  2. Delivery of around 650 new residential properties.


2025-2030: Phase 2 – Subject to major infrastructure funding

  1. First stage of new link road built.
  2. A further 73,000sqm of employment space.
  3. Delivery of around 650 new homes.


2030-2036: Phase 3 – Subject to continued infrastructure funding for middle section of link road

  1. Middle section of new link road completed.
  2. Around 800 new homes.


2036 onward: Phase 4 – Final infrastructure - link to former Kellingley Colliery site

  1. Completion of final section of link road.
  2. Scope for a further 500 new homes.

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