Retail and town centres

The Retail and Town Centre Local Plan (RTC) is one of the documents that forms the Local Development Framework and should be read in conjunction with the other adopted documents. The Plan sets out policies and allocations for retail and town centre development within Wakefield District.

This Plan is accompanied by a Retail and Town Centre / Leisure, Recreation and Open Space Policies Map which should be read in conjunction with the Site Specific Policies Local Plan and Policies Map (2012) and the Wakefield Area Action Plan (2009). Saved policies of the UDP relating to retail and town centres on the Policies Map 2012 are superseded and no longer apply.

The Council adopted the Retail and Town Centre Local Plan on 18 January 2017.

The final adopted Local Plan, Policies Map and supporting documents can be viewed and downloaded here:

Archive Documents

Examination (June 2016)
Submission (October – November 2015)
Consultation Draft (February – March 2015)
Early engagement (June – July 2013)

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