Strategic flood risk assessment 2008


The Calder Valley Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) identifies and analyses current and future broad scale flooding issues across Wakefield, Calderdale and Kirklees districts, with specific flood risk maps for Wakefield District.

The Calder Valley SFRA 2008 was prepared in accordance with prevailing guidance and the Environment Agency is satisfied it fulfils requirements.

Additional elements included in the SFRA 2008 building on the previous SFRA include:

  • Advances in risk information
  • Climate change mapping
  • Flood extent, depth and hazard maps
  • Functional floodplain
  • Flooding from "other sources"
  • Greater focus on PPS25 Exception Test 

The Calder Valley SFRA provides a district-wide level 1 assessment. It is supplemented in Wakefield by a level 2 Central Wakefield SFRA assessment prepared for the Central Wakefield Area Action Plan. 

Flood risk maps provide a valuable source of broad scale current and future flood risk information. The maps should be viewed collectively and not as individual maps in isolation. Please be aware some maps are very large files.

Alternatively, maps can be obtained in pdf format on CD using 'Contact Us'. 

Set A – District-wide Flood Zone Map

Set B - Individual Flood Zone Maps (more detailed)

For locations outside these areas refer to the district-wide map in Set A.

Set C - Fluvial Flood Extent and Depth Maps

Map Sets C-F complement the Environment Agency's latest Flood Maps.

All maps show flood extents and flood water depths, colour coded to represent various depth ranges.

The fluvial flood extent and depth maps show the potential scale of flood inundation during overtopping of different standards of flood defence during a range of flood events. (They do not include the input of a breach or failure of defences).

Each map relates to a standard of protection for the land adjacent to the Main Rivers and the magnitude of the fluvial flood event being considered.

Set D - Climate Change Sensitivity Maps

Climate sensitivity maps show fluvial flood extent and depths from Main Rivers and extent and depths variations, for an undefended floodplain with a 1% (1:100yr) flood flow plus a 20% increase in volume of flood flows. This allows for the effects of climate change over the next 100 years.

Set E - Areas Vulnerable to Surface Water Flooding Maps (1:100 year)

Maps showing areas naturally vulnerable to surface water flooding for particular geographical areas.

Each map shows the extent and variation in depth of potential flooding due to surface water, shown in a yellow to red scale where the darker the red in colour, the deeper the flood water.

These maps are helpful in supplementing the Fluvial Flood Extent and Depth Maps, they show where localised, flash flooding can cause problems, even if the Main Rivers are not overflowing. This is often due to high density rainfall events, which exceed the capacity of sewer systems. As a result, surface water is unable to drain away safely and flooding occurs.

Set F - Areas Vulnerable to Surface Water Flooding Maps (1:1000 year)

Maps show similar information to Set E, except for a 1:1000 year event.

Set G - Wakefield Critical Ordinary Watercourses and Internal Drainage District

District wide map outlining the Critical Ordinary Watercourses within Wakefield. These watercourses are known to have caused flooding or are perceived to pose a flood risk, they are not classified as 'main river' but are considered critical by the Environment Agency.

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