Pre-application advice

Unfortunately due to the current volume of planning applications being received we are currently unable to accept any further category 1 and category 2 pre-application enquiries at this time. Category 1 and 2 pre-application enquiries submitted before 28 September 2020 will still be processed, however there may be a delay in a response being provided. 

Category 3, 4 and 5 pre-application enquiries can still be submitted. 

We hope to resume the service of accepting category 1 and 2 pre-application enquires as soon as possible. 

Our apologies for any inconvenience.  

What is pre-application advice?

Pre-application advice is a way of finding out whether a specific proposed development would be likely to be acceptable and what the key issues will be before the submission of a formal application.

If you have a general enquiry or would like to know whether you would require planning permission, visit Do I need planning permission?

Why do we offer pre-application advice?

We believe that pre-application discussions will help to improve the quality of your application which in turn will reduce the likelihood of issues arising after it has been submitted and help us to make a decision as quickly as possible.

What information do I need to provide?

The council requires sufficient information be provided to enable us to give you high quality advice. The following list is not exhaustive but it does provide a suitable guide to what it is recommended you provide to ensure that the response we deliver offers the advice and guidance you need: 

  • A location plan at a scale of not less than 1:1250 showing the site clearly marked.
  • Site layout plan of not less than 1:500.
  • A full description of the existing use/s, proposed development and schedule of proposed uses.
  • Photographs and drawings that describe the existing site and buildings including the location of trees, topography and landscape features. This should include elevations, floor plans, adjacent buildings, access, servicing, parking arrangements, the initial architectural approach and materials where known.
  • Drawings showing the height/scale of the development.
  • Drawings showing the context of the proposal with its surroundings for example drawings of the proposal set in the existing street scene.
  • Any additional drawings that help demonstrate the impact of the proposal on its surroundings e.g. streetscapes.
  • Fee/Receipt (if paid by cash or card).


The table below sets out our charges for the pre-application advice service. Please note there is no charge for pre-application advice on Listed Buildings.

Category 1

Householder development


Currently no fee

Category 2

Residential developments between 1 and 9 dwellings, or where the site area is no greater than 0.5ha if the total number of dwellings is not known.

Other uses where the new floor space created is no greater than 999m².

Development not creating new floor space and not comprising residential development and where the site area is less than 1ha.

Change of use of land/buildings.



Currently no fee

Category 3

Residential developments between 10 and 50 dwellings, or where the site area is between 0.51ha and 1ha if the total number of dwellings is not known.

Other uses between 1,000m² and 5,000m² where the site area is between 0.51ha and 1ha.


  • £306 (incl. VAT) for written advice only.

  • £153 (incl. VAT) for follow up written requests for consideration of additional matters.

  • £490 (incl. VAT) for a single time bound meeting (max 1.5 hours) and supporting written advice

Category 4

Residential developments of 51 dwellings or more,

Other uses of 5,001m² or more,

Where the site area for any type of development is 1.01ha or more.


  • £612 (incl. VAT) for initial meeting (max 2 hours) and subsequent written report

  • 50 per cent for all subsequent meetings and written follow up.

Category 5

Large scale major developments where a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) is appropriate.

Housing proposals of 200 or more dwellings (4 hectares or more site area where the number of dwellings is not known). Non-residential proposals of 10,000 square metres or more floor space (2 hectares or more site area where the floor space is not known).


  • £1,224 (incl. VAT) for initial meeting and subsequent written report

  • 50 per cent for all subsequent meetings and written follow up.

  • In addition the developer must agree to cover the costs of any independent technical advice not available in-house which may be material to the proposal.

* For a limited number of large-scale major developments, we will consider entering into a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) to take a project management approach to large or complex developments.

Please note; All the above fees are inclusive of VAT at the standard rate of 20%

Please note that the above fee's are solely for the provision of pre application advice and does not count towards the fee for any subsequent planning application. It is also non refundable unless the meeting is cancelled by the Council.

How to request pre-application advice

To request pre application advice, please complete the pre application advice request form. Please attach all relevant information and send it to:

Contact us

Planning Services

Development Management
Wakefield Council
Wakefield One
PO Box 700

0345 8 506 506