Weekly wordlab challenges

During WordFest all our libraries are becoming WordLabs with new word themed challenges being set every week. Join in with our digital challenges and turn your home in to your very own WordLab. 

Week 1

This week we are challenging you to write a Haiku on the theme of climate change. 

What’s a Haiku? Well head over to our Youtube channel for some handy tips on how to write one.

We’d like you to record yourself reading your Haikus. Your recorded Haiku could then become part of an exciting art event coming to Wakefield next year. You can:

  • Record your Haiku in any of our libraries – just pop in and ask a member of staff.
  • Record your Haiku on your own tablet or smart phone – Post it on social media using the hashtag #WordFest and tagging @WakefieldLibraries on Facebook or @WFlibraries on Twitter
  • Send us your written Haikus and we’ll record them for you – You can pick up an activity sheet from your library or download one here then hand them in to a library, post on social media or email to lib.admin@wakefield.gov.uk 

Week 2

Have you ever loved a book so much that you want to tell the whole world about it? Well this is your chance because this week we want to hear all about your favourite book. What do you love about it and why should absolutely everybody read it?

  • Pick up a book review activity sheet from your library or download one here.  
  • Tell us why we should read your favourite book within Twitter’s 280 character limit (remember to tag @WFlibraries!)
  • Can you sum up your favourite book using only emojis?

We don’t mind how you do it, we just want to hear about it! 

And keep an eye on @WFLibraries on Twitter and Instagram where we will be using the very scientific method of social media polls to answer the question “Who is the Best Book Character?”

Week 3

This week is all about dialect and in particular the peculiar language spoken in God’s own country. We’re putting together a list of as many Yorkshire-isms as we can think of - a dictionary of Tyke Talk. So let’s have a kall about laiking and baifing, lug oyles and coil oyles. We know what we mean.

Post your words on social media using the hashtag #TykeTalk and tagging @WFlibraries on Twitter or @WakefieldLibraries on Facebook. Don’t forget to include a definition!

We may regret this, but we will also be opening our social media pages to some of the country’s most hotly debated topics: Is it a ginnel or a snicket? A breadcake or a bap? But let’s try not to get the monk on about it.   

Week 4

Let’s make some words! Sculpt a word using anything you can lay your hands on. Lego, Play-Doh, pasta shapes, twigs, berries and leaves from the park, chalk it on the pavement, make digital art, or build it in Minecraft. It’s up to you! 

Take photos of what you made and post to social media

You can pick up templates for papercraft letters from your library or download them here. Print them out, stick them together and decorate however you like.