Weekly Makaton challenge

WordFest 2020 Makaton Rhyme Challenge

The Rhyme Challenge is a fun way to introduce children and families to rhymes and some simple Makaton signs. 

Makaton is a visual way to communicate used in many nurseries and schools and lots of us have enjoyed joining in with CBeebies Mr Tumble. So we thought that as part of WordFest we would challenge children and families to learn some rhymes and Makaton signs together.

Sharing rhymes and signs every day, even for a few minutes, can help your child to grow into a reader.

Encourage your child to join in and give them lots of eye contact and smiles. Your child will soon learn that rhymes are fun and exciting.

The great thing about rhymes is that you can sing, say or sign them anywhere. You don’t need any musical instruments or even to be in tune! 

Get the whole family involved, older children and grandparents will have lots of fun too! 

If you sing and sign rhymes over and over with your child they will soon be joining in with the signs and learning new words, even babies!

How does the challenge work?

During WordFest 2020 we will be challenging you to learn one nursery rhyme and Makaton sign with your child every week:

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Makaton Sign of the Week: Star

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Makaton Sign of the Week: Teddy

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Makaton Sign of the Week: Pig

Makaton Sign of the Week: Cow

Makaton Sign of the Week: Sheep

Two Little Dickie Birds

Makaton Sign of the Week: Bird

Hickory Dickory Dock

Makaton Sign of the Week: Mouse

Watch and hear the rhymes

Our playlist for watch and hear the rhymes

Watch and hear the signs?

Our playlist for watch and hear the signs

When you have learned all five rhymes and signs you can congratulate yourself with a certificate of achievement. You can download your certificate to print yourself:

Rhyme Challenge Certificate 

or visit your local library and collect a certificate

So, join the Rhyme Challenge and help your great rhymer and signer to become a great reader.