Wakefield Litfest – our sister festival

Wakefield youth LitFest is a festival by young people for young people, running in parallel to WordFest.

LitFest Programme

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All the events within this programme have been designed by a youth programming board made up of local young creatives aged 14-19.

They want young people to be lit up about words and support young emerging talent.

With a strong LitFest Manifesto the programme aims are:

  • Challenging 'literature' perceptions
  • Engaging youth literature
  • Fostering literary inclusion
  • Community in words
  • Unity through diversity

Things to look out for:

End of September: Unheard Voices Of Inspirational People, a call out for young journalists to deliver podcasts on people who have inspired them. These will be professionally mastered and published in late October and early November.

Throughout October: You should read this!, a series of daily book reviews by local young people.

First half of October: Time To Write – Find Your Style, a series of online workshops with professional writers exploring skills for different types of writing careers (Storytelling; Poetry; Journalism; Plays; Songs; Gaming)

End of October: Share Your Work, supportive opportunities to share and listen. Open-mic opportunities including Poetry Open Mic, Spoken Word Showcase, Songs and Comedy, and Campfire Storytelling.

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Wakefield Youth Litfest is facilitated by Wakefield's Local Cultural Education Partnership: Creative Futures for our Young People

Wakefield Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) brings together cultural and education partners from across the district to ensure the children and young people of Wakefield have access to creative and cultural opportunities, supporting rich and fulfilling lives.

LCEPs are promoted by Arts Council England as part of its Cultural Education Challenge.

Wakefield LCEP is supported by IVE. Contact IVE: hello@weareive.org