Covid safety at Wordfest Events

Keeping You Covid-Safe At Our Events This Autumn

For your safety and enjoyment please:

  • Book for events in advance if requested by telephoning the venue listed and cancel if you start showing symptoms, do not attend if you are ill with any Covid-19 symptoms. High temperature, sudden loss of taste or smell, new continuous cough
  • As a courtesy please give 24 hours’ notice to allow your place to be reallocated if your plans change. Places are limited at events and waiting lists are likely to be in operation
  • Please turn up as close to the booked time as possible to avoid overcrowding at venues.
  • Your booking details may need to be kept for 21 days beyond the date of the event for test and trace purposes, but rest assured they will be securely destroyed afterwards
  • Be patient with staff and come prepared to practice current social distancing regulations (face coverings unless exempt, supervise any children closely, regular hand sanitising, stay in designated areas if requested and follow safe routes around venues)
  • Toilet facilities may be limited at some venues owing to social distancing requirements. Please check in advance if you may need facilities during  your visit to make sure we can accommodate you