Supervision and appraisal


The supervision process enables the line manager and member of staff to openly discuss workload or caseloads and an opportunity to reflect on practice.

The purpose of supervision is to:

  • enable the member of staff to perform to the standards specified (including Council guidance, policies and procedures, national standards, etc)
  • ensure the member of staff is clear about his / her roles and responsibilities
  • ensure accountability for the work undertaken by the member of staff
  • assist in the member of staff's professional development
  • identify learning and development needs
  • provide a primary source of support for the member of staff
  • provide regular and constructive feedback to the member of staff on their performance

For case-holding staff, supervision also provides an opportunity to reflect on individual cases and to ensure all practice has management oversight and support.

CYPS staff have a dedicated Supervision Guide to refer back to which supports managers and staff understanding best practice around personal and case supervision. CYPS also have bespoke paperwork for supervision processes.


The appraisal process aims to provide a clear and robust framework for managing and developing staff.

The purpose of appraisal is to:

  • review performance over the last year
  • identify areas of good practice and challenges
  • assess knowledge and skills against key competencies within the Job Description and / or relevant national standards
  • identify whether the Job Description accurately reflects the role
  • identify learning and development needs

We have a corporate appraisal framework, however the CYP Directorate is in the process of developing a new appraisal template which provides greater focus on competencies within the job description.