Social work recruitment

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We have a vacancies for Children's Social Workers

To apply:

  • go to our jobs site
  • search for 'social worker'
  • follow the registration instructions
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When there are no current vacancies but you want to be alerted when the next round of social work jobs become available, please:

  • go to our jobs site using the Start now>> button
  • search for 'social worker'
  • click the 'save this search as a job alert' link
  • follow the registration instructions

You will receive an email when any future social work jobs are advertised.

Thank you for your interest.

What is a recruitment 'bank'?

A recruitment bank is a list of people who have expressed an interest in social work roles. They apply for a job advert, but there are a number of vacancies at the time

How does the recruitment bank work?

Periodically we will place an advert for social worker roles and invite candidates to apply. Candidates are asked to complete an application form specifying how they meet the essential criteria for the role, accompanied with examples.

We then undertake an initial shortlist of applications against the person specification and invite candidates to an assessment day. Successful applicants will then form a ‘bank’ of job ready candidates. 

There will be a number of vacancies at the time of the assessment – if there are more successful applicants that available vacancies it may be that the successful applicant is offered a ‘supernumerary’ role until a vacancy occurs, or alternatively we will arrange to let the candidate know when a suitable job is available. 

Candidates details will be held on the 'bank' for up to six months - successful entry onto the recruitment bank, does not guarantee employment with us.

How to join the recruitment bank

If you are interested in joining the recruitment bank please apply via our jobs and careers website.

Applications are currently open.