Our People Strategy

The achievement of the Council’s priority, ‘Successful Council’, hinges on the values, skills, knowledge and productivity of our people.  Consequently, our ability to attract, recruit, develop and retain the right people is essential.

Our People Strategy sets out what we will do to establish a workforce able to deliver a Successful Council, ambitious, enterprising, dedicated and efficient in delivering excellent services to the citizens of Wakefield.

The strategy sets out six strategic aims, focussed around the employee journey.

  1. Employer reputation. We will build our reputation as an inclusive employer and a great place to work.
  2. Recruitment. We will recruit the right people, with the right values, at the right time to deliver and develop our services.
  3. Induction. We will have a strong corporate induction to welcome new colleagues, support them to take on board our Wakefield Way and contribute quickly to delivering caring and excellent services.
  4. Lifelong learning.  We will support colleagues to continuously develop their skills to ensure everyone, whatever of their ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, sex or gender orientation, faith or socioeconomic background fulfils their potential and thrives.
  5. Retention. We will support our people, valuing difference, so they feel engaged and motivated to do their very best work
  6. New beginnings. When people leave us, we aim for them to depart with dignity and equipped to face new challenges.

Our People Strategy

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