Housing Benefit

Information about Housing Benefit payments -  Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We would like to reassure our customers that payments of Housing Benefit are not affected and will continue to be made.  For more information on payment dates go to Housing Benefit Payment Calendar.

You can only claim Housing Benefit if :

  • You (and your partner if you have one) are a pensioner; or
  • You live in a hostel or refuge; or
  • You live in accommodation that includes care, support or supervision; or
  • You live in temporary accommodation provided by the council; or

If none of these apply to you, you will need to claim Universal Credit instead.

However, if you are able to claim Housing Benefit, you can apply here:

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The amount of Housing Benefit you can claim depends on a number of things:

  • the amount of rent you pay
  • if you rent privately or from a Housing Association (such as WDH)
  • your household, income, and savings. This includes income of any other adults living with you who are not your partner
  • whether you are affected by the benefit cap 

If you are already receiving Housing Benefit, you can view details of your claim online. Go to MyAccount now to register or sign in.

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How much could I be entitled to?

This depends on your personal circumstances. 

The amount we can pay up to depends on the number of bedrooms the government says you need. You are entitled to one bedroom for each of the following:

  • two people living as a couple
  • a single person over the age of 16
  • two children under the age of 10 (regardless of their sex)
  • two children of the same sex aged under 16 years
  • any other child
  • any grown up children away at University, or serving in the Armed Forces (if they lived with you before they went away, return here during leave/holidays and in the case of students they intend to return when their course ends)*
  • a non-resident overnight carer*

*you need to tell us about this in order for them to be considered as they may not be included as part of your claim.

If you rent your home from a Housing Association or Social Landlord, are under State Pension Age, and you are considered to have more bedrooms than you need, your benefit may be reduced by 14% for one extra bedroom, or 25 per cent for two or more bedrooms.

If you rent from a private landlord, the amount of rent we can pay up to is often referred to as Local Housing Allowance (LHA). This is based on the number of bedrooms needed by your household and the level of rent for that number of bedrooms as set by The Rent Service. 

IMPORTANT: If you are single and under 35, you will normally only be entitled to the 'Shared Accommodation' LHA rate.

If you are pension age you can use our online calculator to find out how much Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support you could qualify for.

If you are working age you can use our online calculator to find out how much Housing Benefit you could qualify for, please use our step by step guide to see how much Council Tax Support you could qualify for.

More information about housing benefit

Housing Benefit Appeals

We aim to make the right decision when working out your entitlement. However, if you think a decision we have made is wrong, you can:

  • ask us to explain it
  • ask us to look at it again
  • appeal against it

For more informationabout how to do this see Reviews and Appeals