The Wakefield Housing Plan 2019-2022

We have launched our new Housing Plan for the District. Approved at Cabinet in June, the Wakefield Housing Plan 2019-2022 sets our vision, ambitions and priorities for housing across the District over the next three years.

We have achieved significant progress in improving the local housing offer in recent years through our Housing Strategy 2013-2018. There are, however, significant challenges ahead and some key issue include:

  • Building new houses to need to meet our LDF target
  • The demand for affordable homes continues to increase
  • Making sure new housing meets specialist needs
  • Planning our housing well with the infrastructure its needs to create 'good places'
  • Ensuring housing supports work to tackle rising homelessness
  • Improving housing conditions and tackling fuel poverty
  • Making sure our growing private rented sector is safe, secure and managed well

We will continue to improve the local housing offer for residents by delivering high quality housing through good growth and regeneration, improved housing standards and health and well-being of residents whilst also helping to tackle poverty, keep people safe and support strong and sustainable communities.  

Housing Plan Vision and Priorities

The Vision for the District

For Wakefield to have a strong housing offer that drives regeneration and economic growth with a high quality and diverse range of housing that meets everyone's needs, creating sustainable communities with homes that are affordable and healthy to live in.

The key housing priorities

  • Building the right housing to meet specialist housing needs;
  • Prioritising new housing on brownfield land and protecting the green belt where feasible;
  • Sustainable housing construction and high quality design;
  • Ensuring housing is developed with the necessary services and infrastructure;
  • Providing housing that is healthy to live in and supports people in crisis to avoid homelessness.

The Housing Plan focusses on three key themes underpinned by 10 priorities for action

Theme 1 – More Homes

This theme includes priorities to continue to deliver healthy housing growth, build the affordable housing our residents need and use housing to drive regeneration.

Theme 2 – Better Homes

This theme includes priorities to build housing that fits our residents' specialist needs and supports work to reduce homelessness. It also includes work to make sure our housing is safe, secure and healthy to live in and that we have a good quality private rented sector.

Theme 3 - Sustainable Communities

This theme includes priorities to better support our residents with their housing needs and financial resilience through housing advice and improving their knowledge and skills.

Next Steps

A three year Delivery Plan will guide the implementation of a range or different projects that support each of the priorities. Housing Plan progress will be reported every year and aligned to the Council's 2018 Economic Strategy.

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