Housing needs panel

The Housing Needs Panel considers applications for people with physical and mental health problems, learning disabilities, social or complex care needs, as well as young people leaving care. If your application is successful, the Housing Needs Panel may be able to provide you with additional housing priority.

The panel will only consider awarding priority for someone on medical grounds if there will be significant improvement in their health and well being which must be supported and evidenced by healthcare and/or other professionals.

The Housing Needs Panel is Chaired by Wakefield Council and consists of members from partner agencies including WDH and NHS. The main outcomes of the Housing Needs Panel are:

  • Award housing priority for people in need.

  • Nominate to Registered Providers in the district.

  • Refer cases for Housing Options Advice

  • Refer cases for Housing Related Support

How to refer

You cannot refer yourself to the Housing Needs Panel.

Referrals need to be made by a social worker or other professional  working with you. There is a standard report, obtained from the panel coordinator, that must be completed.

Reports must be sent to:

Housing Needs Panel Coordinator
Housing Needs Service
Queens House,
Queen Street
Wakefield WF1 1DF

Tel:  01924 304505
Email: housingneedspanel@wakefield.gov.uk

Professionals wishing to make a referral must submit assessment and care planning documentation providing evidence of housing need.

Emergency referrals can be dealt with quickly, in certain circumstances, applications can be fast tracked. The Chair of the Housing Needs Panel has the authority to agree a fast track application. 


The Housing Needs Panel will consider the most suitable accommodation to meet the needs of the applicant and make recommendations.

Applicants will be informed of a decision within 28 days of the panel meeting.

Reviews and Appeals

If unhappy with the decision of the Housing Needs Panel you have 28 days to request a review or appeal.  This must be in writing


If able to provide additional information to further support your application, you may request a review. You must provide the additional information with your review request. Your review request will be considered at the next available panel meeting. You will be informed of the panel's review decision within 28 days of the panel meeting.


If unhappy with the Housing Needs Panel original or review decision you may request an appeal. You must outline the grounds for your appeal in your letter and provide evidence to support your request where appropriate. All appeals will be investigated and a response made in writing.

To request a review or appeal the applicant or their representative should contact the Housing Needs Service.​